Monday, August 8, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Peggy's Piano Recitals

My fall semester of piano starts a week from today.  I have much less anxiety about this one than I had for the last one because I finally did a reality check and realized I cannot handle my life with 25 students and two babies.  Bad math, people.  This time I have 10 students (11 counting Bridget, which I do) and I'll be teaching one less day a week.  I think I'll win this time!

My Mom has been teaching piano for about 45 years.  She moved a lot, so the number of students shuffled around a bit over the years.  I believe at one point she had an insane number (was it 50?) of students and seven children.  Besides actually teaching all those lessons, having piano students means having piano recitals.  To my Mom, having piano recitals means making lots and lots of cookies.  Today we have photos from 30 years ago at a recital in Oakley at the church.  I've featured photos from this particular recital before, but I just found these recently and they are my favorites.
Green punch and glass cups - not to mention the beautiful punch bowl.  My facial expression is also "Pleased as Punch."  Ha!
Nicole, Allyn, Grandma Shirley holding Melissa, Katy, and Jennie.  How can you not love this picture?  I'd say more, but I have a hungry baby crawling around my legs.  Looks like my shift has started.


Nicole said...

I just noticed my Mom has painted fingernails! It didn't end with Melissa after all!

melissa said...

Ha! Photographic evidence. Fantastic! Now find a picture of her making bread after I was born. Please.

"Pleased as punch" face is my new favorite.

Mom said...

You won't find a picture of me making bread! And the nail polish was only on very special occasions. Also one of my favorite pictures.
p.s. - don't EVER have 50 piano students! It was a foolish move on my part.