Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of School!

Bridget goes to school now!  On a bus!  So grown up. :)  Yesterday we watched the big kids get on so that Bridget would have an idea of how this whole thing works.  A thousand kids drop their backpacks in a line on the sidewalk, play and joke around until the bus arrives, then step back in line where they left their backpacks and get on the bus.  (Shannon heard from one of the new bus drivers that the other bus drivers marvel that there are about fifty kids who get on the bus just from our neighborhood.  "Those parents need to get out of the bedroom!"  Ha!)  Bridget was pretty nervous - hanging on to my hand tight when I wasn't taking pictures of her.  The moment to line up and get on the bus finally came and I introduced her to Emersyn, who was also going to kindergarten today, and they boarded the bus together.

Look at the size of all those backpacks!  Insane.  And Emersyn was wearing a sweater and boots.  It's about 90 degrees today.  For the last five or so days Bridget has been talking and asking questions non-stop.  "Hey, Mama?  Who gets to ride on the green buses?"  "What green buses"  "The buses the kids don't ride - the ones that aren't yellow."  "City buses?"  "Yeah.  When do I get to ride a city bus?"  Um, 'get to' is not the way to ask that question.  Anyway, my brain hurts from listening to all these inquiries.  In the space of five minutes we went from talking about city buses verses school buses to the resurrection. Yikes.  I can't imagine what it must be like inside her head.  (Wait, yes I can.  I'm pretty sure she's saying every single thing that pops into her head.)  Anyway!  The kindergarten teacher suggested I follow the bus to the school so that Bridget would get into the right line in all the chaos.
She saw me and was probably a wee bit embarrassed, but secretly glad I was there.  I know I've said it before, but I love that Bridget does things that scare her.  We saw a little boy with an Indiana Jones backpack, spike-y fauxhawk and awesome new clothes clinging to his mom with both arms and both legs, bawling his eyes out.  (It's funny because it's not my kid.)  Bridget followed the teacher across the school yard to the kindergarten play ground and the first day of school officially started.

Then the babies and I went home and pressed our noses against the front window and waited for Bridget to come home.
She was crowned Queen of Kindergarten!  At first she didn't get off and I had a few moments of panic that she was sitting on the curb outside the school.  She was just waiting for someone with authority to call her name and tell her to get out of the bus.
Hey...  Another Queen of Kindergarten?!  Did they think we wouldn't notice?!  It was so blazing hot right then.  I bet Emersyn is cookin'!  So, it was a great first day.  Now we just have to gear up to do it again tomorrow. :)


Anonymous said...

The beautiful queen of kindergarten is off to a great start. Love, G.Kunze

Andrea Lee U.R. said...

Oh my cuteness!! She is so adorable. I think I would cry. Did you cry?

Kristi said...

I'm tearing up with pride for Sweet Bridget. I love her so much!

Mom said...

Still crying here. So cute - and seems so little. She'll do exceptionally well!
Love the outfit - and the first thing I thought when I saw the boots is that it must not be as hot there as it is here. Guess if you got cute new boots you have to wear them.:)

melissa said...

Hooray for the Kindergarten Queen! I love first day of school pictures. So . . . crying? No crying? Dance of joy? Mother of all naps? How did you spend your morning sans Bridgie?

allyn said...

nicole, you are such a hero for making it through the day. were there other mom's at their windows all day?

bytheway-noah wants bridget to come to his bday party. it's this saturday at 10:00, k.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bridget: We have enjoyed watching you play all summer. Now you have learned how to do the First Day of Kindergarten and reign as queen! The rest of the year will be a cinch, and you are bound to make lots of new friends. Hope you are enjoying being a big girl. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway is a good motto for anyone, and your brothers are lucky to have you to look up to. Thanks for letting your mom share photos of your adventures with the rest of your "fans". Love from a follower in Oregon, Mrs. Welch. oxo