Monday, September 26, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Grandma Winnifred Furniss

The little girl in plaid is my mother, Peggy.  She looks about 18 months old, so this is probably the summer of 1951.  Her Grandma Furniss (Winnifred Ohlson Furniss) is helping her pet a doggy.  Besides being really adorable, I'm posting this picture today because of Winnifred's crazy get-up.  The head wear, the dark socks and no shoes, the dress and apron.  Also, check out the wood with exposed nails right by her.  Can you imagine what Winnifred Furniss had to do every day in 1951?  And she's wearing a dress to do it.


Mom said...

Where in the world do you find these pictures? I have never seen this one either. I look a little younger than 18mo., but it had to be summer from the looks of the trees and flowers (or weeds). All women wore dresses all the time. And aprons.:) I wonder if that's really a chick or just a toy.
Sweet to see a snippet of life in the early 50's.

Jen said...

So much here...the rusty bucket, the boards with nails, real or fake duck next to the wolf? Is this where my mother developed her love of dogs? Hehe. The socks are too much. A woman after my own heart :)