Friday, September 2, 2011

Sew & Tell Friday: A Christmas Table Runner

It's also Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story, so go check it out! 

A few of you asked if I cried when Bridget went off to kindergarten.  The day I saw her name on the roster I cried a lot.  I hadn't thought about it before that moment and it all seemed so...sudden.  I was a little teary on her first day, but it was Olympic tears.  I'm very proud of her and she's so ready to be at school that I can't cry about it.  :)

After the babies and I walk Bridget to the bus stop, we come home and they eat (if they haven't already) and we play.  Right now "playing" is finding all the gross stuff they can put in their mouths on opposite ends of the room so they can watch me run and say "Ew!  No!"  Great fun.  Then I put them down for their morning naps and I go sew.  Here's what I finished this week!
It's a Double Wedding Ring Table Runner with 3 Sisters "Grace" fabrics.  I used a jelly roll for the rings and I found the green fabrics on sale a few months ago.
For the back I used a piece that looks like a quilt, but it isn't!  Tricked!  That way you could use either side for your table runner.
I hope you noticed my painstaking tiny border and binding in the diagonal stripe.  I'm all about stop borders these days.  I also did a blind stitch binding on this one.  High quality!  If you didn't guess, I'm wishing it was cooler outside and I could justify having soup and good bread for dinner three times a week.  Also, this is the only time it's fun to sew Christmas stuff - when Christmas isn't a few weeks away and there are a thousand things to do.  Ahhhh! 


allyn said...

it is so festive! now i want all that halloween stuff out of the stores so that the Christmas stuff can come sooner. it has put me in the mood. a perfect combination, as usual. and you totally tricked me on the back.

Cherise said...

Wow! I love it! Great design! Awesome fabric! Quality craftmanship! Thanks so much for sharing! By the way... I am now your newest follower! :)