Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10 Months

Trying to get a photo of these two together today made me sweat.  Colin thinks it's hilarious to make me run.  I'd put them together on the blanket and back up enough to get them both in the frame and by that time they had taken off in opposite directions.  Why aren't they curious about the same thing at the same time ever? 

Emil weights 21 lbs 11 oz. and he is 28 inches tall (57th percentile).  He is crawling and using the bar stools for a walker on the wood floor upstairs.  Every night he is my favorite baby because he sleeps for 10 hours in a row.  Emil is tenacious - he will try and try and try something until it opens or he gets the thing he's going for.  He's pretty patient with Colin's love of wrestlemania, unless he's tired.  When he's tired, Emil will screech and cry (but not move away) when Colin comes over to pull his hair.  Emil also claps enthusiastically and it's usually when something pleases him.  Like just now when I opened the door for him and picked him up.  Yay!
One of the things I do many times a day is put toys in that basket.  Every time Emil or Colin peek in and grab something it's like they're seeing it for the first time.  (That poor rug is covered in dried spit up.  So classy.) 

Colin weighs 17 lbs 8 oz. and he is 27 inches tall (3rd percentile).  He has already started building Cat in the Hat ladders to get to stuff he wants to see.  A few days ago he pushed one of the bouncy seats over to a bar stool and started climbing.  Ah!  He will be an escape artist for sure.  Like I said, he likes to see me run.  Colin can also be remarkably patient.  I've seen him sit and look at a book and turn the pages for several minutes.  Colin can also clap - his is more of an opera performance applause than game day cheering like Emil's.  Both babies have radar for open doors (especially when that door is to a bathroom or the pantry), but Colin can beat me into the room every time.  Fast.  Like Jesse Hunter.
The babies are so much fun right now.  I love seeing what they play with and how they interact with us.  They're so delighted when I get down on the floor with them and crawl around or tease them.  If I'm playing with one baby, the other just watches and smiles instead of trying to knock his brother out of the way.  Keeping them fed, diapers changed, sleeping well, and out of harm's way is not a walk in the park.  Putting diapers and clothes on them is my cardio every day.  ("I'm trying to help you!")  Every night at about 8:00 it feels like bed time to me. 
I tried to sit them in the Bumbos and get them in the same photo.  This had happened by the time I backed up to take the shot.
Can you see what is  happening here?  Colin is riding Emil and using his hair for the reins.  Mean!  :)
We love our crazy baby boys. :) 


allyn said...

this is such a fun age. they learn something new every single day. aren't you so glad you get to watch it? i always feel for moms who can't.
you gotta be 25 steps ahead of 10 month olds. total cardio workout.
i know it has been a long 10 months, but looking back it seems like it has gone by fast. and lilja STILL hasn't seen them. cruel world.

Kellie said...

First of all - how cute are they!!! It makes me tired remembering that age. Whatever - I'm tired all the time.

Second - HAHAHAHAHAH "Fast like Jesse Hunter!" HAHAHAHAHAH

Mom said...

Such cuties! Love the clapping.:)

Jen said...

The Jessie Hunter comment reminded me of Kellie- now I'm laughing again. Smiling and loving this- you are a lucky momma!