Monday, October 24, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Thanksgiving 1981

Around the table starting at the far left with Katy (in stripes), Jennie, Nicole, Koryn, Melissa, and Allyn

Hee!  I wonder if the adult table was where all the Pilgrims ate.  Here we are at my Uncle Mark and Aunt Julie's house in 1981 for Thanksgiving dinner.  My favorite thing is that we are all wearing paper headdresses, but that's the obvious thing to like best.  Next is Katy's expression (notice the spoon in her hand).  Then it's a tie for the tin foil on the TV antenna and Koryn talking with her mouth full.  (I hope I got the year right - I went by how old Melissa looks.)  When Aunt Julie joined our family, the kids had fun crafts to do instead of whining all day before a holiday dinner.  Revolutionary! :) 


melissa said...

This makes me so excited about having Thanksgiving at my house this year. Definitely having a kids' table and making them wear stupid hats. For sure.

Jen said...

Aunt Julie is the greatest! The crafts WERE revolutionary. I have to say that the tin foil is hilarious but my favorite is the decor matching sheet under the table. Looking at Melissa's spoonful of food hanging over the edge, it looks like the sheet was a smart move.

lilspeeth said...

Growing up in Connecticut - we did these things too - though the indian headdresses were fashioned in elementary class. I loved making them! I wanted to learn all about the various Connecticut tribes including what they ate. This brings me back with a smile.