Friday, October 28, 2011

Buzz, Woody, and Rapunzel

My children looked so adorable in their Halloween costumes that I thought it would be nice of them to stand all together and let me take their picture.  Nothing makes them happier than giving Mama what she wants.

The real Woody would never eat Buzz's boot.  
"Hey, look!  I'm Woody!  Howdyhowdyhowdy."
Buzz Lightyear TO THE RESCUE!  (Careful - he bites.  And walks.  Colin can walk!)
Howdy, M'am.  I'm Sheriff Woody.  (Careful, he also bites.  He doesn't walk, but he does give real hugs.)  This is the only photo where Emil looks like he might be wearing the hat.  It's not in focus, don't go get your glasses on.
Poor Bridget would pose all day if I let her.  I would have gone through 3 rolls of film to get this handful of pictures.  If digital cameras hadn't been invented, there would be zero pictures of my children.  Ha!


Mom said...

We need a picture of Buzz walking!

allyn said...

that is crazy that colin is walking. what the? perfect costumes, too. bridget was totally in on the photo shoot. i hope to be able to get some photos of my crowd. wish me luck!

rmastonphoto said...

I absolutely love "Tangled!" One of my very near projects will have to be to sew a Rapunzel dress like hers!