Monday, October 31, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Day in the Life 7-17-82

Some of my favorite photos in Grandpa's collection are the ones that show normal life.  The images from this proof sheet (these are from his 35mm camera, so I grouped them to see them better) show exactly how I remember my life in Oakley.  In the top left you can see me on the phone (probably with Kellie - we talked all the time about who knows what), Katy's chillin' on the couch next to me and there is a baby on the floor (Makenzie).  Since our grandparents were there, Grandpa Furniss was getting his hair done by Allyn.  (That's how we did it - we sat on the back of the couch. :)
There is a little mystery in these - Mom and Jennie are dressed up, but no one else is.  The 17th in 1982 was a Saturday.  What could they have been doing?  I have to know.  The photo with my Mom on the phone reminds me that she used to chew on the inside of her cheek when she was talking on the phone.  I started doing the same thing because I thought that's what you did.  A few months ago Bridget asked me what I was thinking about because I had my "thinking face" on.  Apparently my Thinking Face is me chewing on the inside of my cheek.  Three generations of a weird habit.  You're welcome, posterity.


Mom said...

I'll have to check Grandpa's journal.:) I have no idea why Jennie and I were dressed up on a Saturday in July. I love seeing my little dolls! Looks like Allyn was always the hairdresser for the family.:)
You might want to change the date in the title - on 7-17-92 we had just moved to Cary.

Jen said...

Love the one of you on the phone- your legs crossed and plugging your other ear. The phone cord would have been stretched around the wall. The good old days, for sure :) I'm dressed up and looking completely serious about having my hair done by a preschooler. No clue what the occasion was- sorry.

Mom said...

So I found 1982 in Grandpa's journal collection, but it turned out to be Grandma's! I can't imagine why that would be there, but she only wrote up until Makenzie's birth, so nothing about 7-17. Dad checked his journal, but he was at BYU working on the doctorate so he didn't know what was going on at home. We'll probably never know why Jen and I were dressed up.

Katy said...

Why am I crying!?