Friday, October 7, 2011

The Park

Tuesday was a beautiful day.  Too beautiful not to play at the park with our friends.  Even though I spent most of the time holding one of Colin's legs and one of Emil's legs so they didn't crawl superfast to the disgusting wood chips on the playground and eat them.  Our adventure had exactly the effect I hoped it would on the babies - it wore them out and they had a great nap.  Unfortunately it had the same effect on me, except the part about the great nap.
Emil makes this face all the time.  He's grinding his teeth.  I know he looks disapproving, but trust  me, he's just grinding those little teeth.
Every day when Bridget gets off the bus from school she asks me if we can do something very specific.  Sometimes I have an alternative plan and she's quick to agree to it, but there has to be SOMEthing to do.
Slide train!  Always good for some laughs.
Lauren was originally part of that slide train, but she didn't hang on.  Who cares?!  She was playing with the big kids.
Ultimate Slide Train!  It included Eddie and Lauren and Gracie and Riley (who joined the party later).
These girls were a blur.  They ran back up the stairs and Slide Train as many times as they could.  Then Bridget bonked her head and cried.  While I was holding her (and Emil) she asked through her tears if Clara could come to our house and play.  Huh?  She's at the park with five friends having the time of her life and she's thinking about next.
Lauren played peek-a-boo with me through the tube.
This is my view of Colin most of the time.  (That's Angelyn trying to wrangle Emil.)  Colin's knuckles are red because he crawls like a gorilla, on his knuckles.  He's very fast, too. :)
William has just seen his Mom holding one of my babies.  Betrayed.

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