Monday, November 7, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: 1980 Thanksgiving

I know I already posted a color version of one of my favorite Thanksgiving shots, but I found the proof sheet and discovered some blogtastic photos.  Also, I thought it was 1981, but it was 1980.  Apparently Melissa was a big baby.  Ha!

Here we are making crafts.  We're in the basement at our very own little table (a dream come true for me, I don't know about Jen) and Aunt Julie has left us a tape dispenser and sharp crayons and a pitcher of something liquid.  So many dreams coming true in this photo!  And Jen is crossing her legs. :)  By the way, she is seven and I am six in this photo.

Here is Allyn ready to analyze you.  The bangs, man.  Noah would look exactly like this if Allyn let his hair grow long and mullet-y.

I think anyone who has a lot of younger siblings has a friend who only wants to love on the baby when they come over to play.  Koryn might be one of those sweet girls who loves the babies :).  Melissa (the baby she's holding) looks so much like Miles to me right here.  And she looks so into being held by someone not that much bigger than her. 

I saved this one for last because I love it so much and it kind of makes me cry.  Allyn and Katy are laughing at something and it's probably the cutest thing that ever happened.  They still make these expressions, too. :)  Allyn only took her thumb halfway out of her mouth to laugh.  Ha!


Mom said...

Melissa was probably being witty in the last picture.:) She would have been 16 mo. at that time and really does look like Miles in that picture! I love Katy's hand on Melissa's arm, and all your still-curly hair. Thanks for another sweet trip down memory lane.

melissa said...

Awwwwwww. So sweet! That last one is precious and I love your over-the-moon face in the first one. Look at little girl Miles!

allyn said...

why are jen and nicole the only ones who got to craft this day?
i do love the mom/child look-alike photos. i am pretty sure, though, that chance has my nose. it does the same flaring thing that mine does.