Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Reality Check

Parents of twins told me to enjoy the first six or so months because it gets really difficult after that.  Every time someone said that to me I would wonder how it could get more difficult and then I would decide they just couldn't remember correctly. 

I was wrong...
My kitchen is a mine field of lids, toys, books, plastic dishes.  Anything that could break or hurt someone if it's thrown (Emil likes to throw stuff) is on top of the counter.  There is a chair in front of the cabinet where we keep the garbage and the dishwasher soap.  Emil and Colin are officially on the job.
I feel like I'm throwing sand into the ocean one teaspoon full at a time.  When I make their bottles, the babies come over and hold on to my legs and scream until they get their food.
Can you see the metal lids on the counter?  And Emil using his puke as finger paint?  Charming. :)

Colin is such a tough guy!  Look at him walking.  He's so little and he bumps into everything with that Megamind head of his, but he is so excited every time he takes a few steps.  The other day Bridget said (after Colin walked a few steps with a huge smile on his face), "He thinks he's awesome, doesn't he."  But he IS awesome.  Colin figured out how to walk!  It's a big deal.  It makes my life harder, but it really is awesome.
Look at this face.  Are you resisting it?  Are you dead inside?  Emil wants me to hold him.  He will grab my face and try to pull it off with his fingernails, but I will hold him because that face is too much.  So beautiful. 

That's it.  Our life is messy right now.  And also beautiful. :)


allyn said...

i do love watching from afar, but you make it look so easy. your tupperware is out, but the floor under it is sparkly. beautiful babies are one of God's best tricks. i guess ugly babies are, too. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

What a good little helper Bridget is as the boys in demolition mood go through the kitchen. Colin so proud to be walking and so cute and Emil is so good to play and entertain hisself and so so handsome.

Grandma K.

Angie said...

"He thinks he's awesome, doesn't he?" So cute. They are adorable boys, not the puke so much, but the rest is good.