Monday, November 14, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Aaron 20 Years Ago

This guy gets home from his mission tomorrow!  It went by so fast, and yet a lot has changed in our life in the last two years.  I've caught myself thinking about the things that are different.  (We had one child, now we have three.  That's kind of big.)  I'm sure he's different too.  I'm excited to see what he does next.  And I'm excited to feed him.  The usual stuff. :)

I found this next photo on the same page in the random photo album of Grandpa's that I have.  It's so sweet that it needs to go here, too.  This is Independence Day weekend in 1991 - that's why Aaron is looking so patriotic with his clothes.  We lived in Woods Cross, Utah, at the time, but this is my Furniss Grandparent's house.  Aaron is about the same age as my boys here.  Dad is feeding him ice cream (Baskin & Robbin's pink spoon?) and the dish is far enough away that Aaron couldn't make a grab for it without getting caught.  Ahhh.  I so get that. :)


allyn said...

funny how he still looks like that first picture. that two years did go by fast. i have decided that all time goes by fast. it is amazing what we squeeze into each year. can't wait to see him.

Mom said...

So cute! He was a fun baby!