Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Last year we spent Halloween in the Burlington, Vermont airport.  Bridget didn't get to wear her costume to preschool and she didn't get to go trick-or-treating.  I think we didn't even decorate since we knew we wouldn't be home.  (According to Bridget's little friend Ryder, we didn't decorate enough this year either.  That's been our favorite thing - he cupped his hands around his eyes and looked through our front window and told Bridget through the screen, "You need to decorate."  Hahahaha!  Back off, kid - you're talking to the daughter of a registered Fun Hater.)  After this weekend, we have officially over-compensated for missing Halloween last year.

First, I volunteered to help Bridget's class with their Halloween party.  It sounded so fun on paper - I'd get to see all the kids in their costumes and have fun playing games with them.  The reality was changing four diapers, getting myself dressed, getting all three kids into their costumes (Emil's is pasted on, if you can't tell), making copies of my lame "find the differences" game, and getting to the school before 9:05.  We dropped Bridget off, then went to the next town over to find a parking spot.  This was my initiation to the School Halloween Parade.  Oh!  THE HUMANITY!  So very many children and so very much noise.  The babies were delighted.  Not.
That's Bridget's teacher with the spider hat.
The babies and I followed the kindergartners back to their classroom where I thought we'd have their party right away.  First we had to watch the rest of the parade.
I could barely hear Colin screaming.
We finally got to the party, which was pretty adorable.  They decorated cookies, played my dumb games, read Halloween stories and wrapped each other in toilet paper to make themselves mummies.  All the kids were well-behaved.  I had to hold Colin the whole time until Emil lost his mind, then Bridget's teacher held Colin and I held Emil.
They also closed their eyes and Peter Pan picked one of them out to cover with a sheet and they had to remember which person was missing.  Bridget loved Lola's cowgirl costume.  "She was so beautiful."  :)
This little girl was Astrid from "How to Train Your Dragon."  I bow to the woman who made this costume because it was awesome.

We came home from that extravaganza and had some lunch and quiet time, which turned into an epic meltdown by Mama.  Someone didn't flush the toilet and left the door to the bathroom open for a couple of babies to discover the joy of splashing.  The babies and Someone got a bath and then everyone took a nap, by order of the queen.  Grrrrr.  Worst Halloween trick ever.

Ahhhhh.  After naps it was time to go trick-or-treating with Clara and Eddie!
 They were total pros.  Running everywhere, saying "trick-or-treat" as loud as they could.  Good form, all.

 It was getting dark, so pretty much all my photos are out-of-focus.  I loved this next one too much not to include it.
Oh, the happiness!  They were coming out of their skin with joy.  And then...
You can't really tell what's happening here, so I'll explain.  Cameron, a 12 year-old perfectly nice kid, came out the door just as the kids were about to get their own candy from the bowl on the porch.  He was wearing a scary mask and he chased them.  High pitched screams of terror followed.  We see that Bridget's fear instinct is to freeze up, while Clara and Eddie are running for their lives.  Is it so wrong that I'm laughing right now? 
Kristi helped get them their candy a few seconds later.  Look how creepy Cameron is in the door way.
It officially got too dark after this picture.  It's one of my favorites.  We have such a sweet neighborhood.  These girls are all taking just one candy from the bowl left on the porch.

Then it was time for a visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house for more candy, Chick-fil-a, and getting a load of Nate's costume.
Brainy smurf, y'all.  He requested it.
Colin has officially picked his favorite - Grandma.
Emil and Colin were fascinated by Nate and his blue face and glasses.

Good thing I didn't take any pictures of our church Halloween party on Saturday night or our pumpkin-carving party on Sunday night.  I'm so happy to be changing the calendar over to November today!  This morning at breakfast Bridget said, "I miss Halloween."  Dude.


melissa said...

Just when I thought this post couldn't get any better, enter Brainy Smurf. Baahahahaha! I heart Nate.

Boo for your Halloween parade. Our kids actually walk around the block and everyone just sits on the side of the road. You can hear a pin drop. Jealous much?

I'm glad you survived and your kids look absolutely adorable! Way to come up with something original for the twins. (Anyone else sick of Thing 1 and Thing 2?)

Jen said...

"you need to decorate" hahahahaha!!! I love it when the babies are looking at the same thing -airplane going by in the picture with Brian? Brainy Smurf definitely takes the cake.

Angie said...

First, I'm very sorry about the toilet incident. Ish.

That kid sitting next to Bridget in class is Mario! Fantastic. And the Smurf is great. It is too bad that what starts out as "Hey, that will be fun", ie volunteering at school, turns into "Hey, I've got a headache this big!". Still it looks like a very fun day for the kids, and they looked great in thier costumes.

Anonymous said...

Loved the little spooks comming to visit and seeing how cute they are.

Love Grandma K.