Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bridget the Skier

One of Brian's Christmas presents to himself Bridget was gear for skiing, an official lesson or two, and a few winter Saturdays on the slopes with Daddy.  Their first outing was last Saturday.  I wasn't there so I don't have the great details, but Brian said she took to it right away.  Bridget was in a class with other children her age and they were sent up the hill on a conveyor belt thing.  I watched a video of Bridget appearing at the edge of the belt thing, getting off and skiing down a small hill, making a three-point turn, then skiing down another hill.  She did it!
Look at that focus.
Brian said there were a few times when she just took off on her own when she was supposed to wait for one of the instructors.  It's possible she couldn't hear very well, but I can just see her thinking she knew what to do and just did it.
Even with all that gear on and from the back, I would know that was Bridget.  She has that nervous posture that I've seen many times.  Just like the other times I've seen her get nervous like that, though, she went through with the adventure.  Always brave.
Bridget asked me yesterday how many times I fell when I went skiing.  "Too many to count."  She only fell three times.  She even demonstrated to me how to get up without using poles.  Talk to me when you're 38 and you're only halfway down the tallest mountain you've ever been on.
We're counting down the days until they get to go again.  For real - every morning we count down the days until it's a ski day again. :)


Kristi said...

Clara just FREAKED OUT seeing these pictures. "Bridget can ski?! That means we can go together!"

melissa said...

Are you kidding me?! She is the cutest skier I have ever seen! Even cuter than that dude who biffed it in the Olympics a while back. (Name's not coming to me.) Way to go, Bridget! Truly, truly awesome.

allyn said...

she looks so cool and brave. how fun for her and daddy to have a "thing". i hope she had some chap stick with her

allyn said...

that instructor in the orange jacket looks like a who from whoville.
just thought in should add that.