Friday, January 20, 2012

Busy Babies

One of my daily duties is prepping the house for the workers who come in every morning after their diapers are changed.  I pull all the blinds up, lock the gate to the stairs, shut all the doors to bedrooms, put anything breakable out of arms reach.  These guys need to be able to get down to business right away.
Colin's first order of business is dancing in front of this window like he was on the choir trip bus, see.  Those socks aren't going to eat themselves!
Emil ("Captain America") is testing the strength of these curtains.  We all feel safer knowing they can be pulled on with the strength of a 23 lb. baby and still not come down.
Look how serious these two take their jobs!
The dismount is key here.  He'll need to tuck and roll just enough to get on the couch.  Time for Mom to put down the camera and avoid some of the tears of the day.


allyn said...

they seem like very productive workers. nice that you keep them in business.

Brian said...

I think they should become demolition contractors ...

kenzie said...

They're too much! My brain is spinning at how cute and crazy they are.
I know it's a little late, but I'm so proud of Bridget skiing! So brave and awesome.
and thanks for the tribute to me; you're very kind. It's been a good birthday week so far.

Jess said...

Okay, I am now forbidding my baby from becoming mobile. I forget how much work baby proofing is! At least they're cute. Very cute, actually. And I really like the quilt you posted on this last sew-and-tell. I wish I could come down to your class.