Monday, January 23, 2012

Family History Photo Monday: Katy's Fabulous Birthday Cake

This photo is mostly of my Mom showing off.  The neighbor lady (whose name I cannot think of to save my life right now... Edith?  Ethel?) had a cake pan in the shape of Holly Hobbie and she helped Mom do the frosting.  That is extreme Fun Mom.  (Hahahaha - look at Jennie posing.  And wearing a bib when she's five years old.) 

Seeing this photo makes me think I need a housecoat.  That's how moms could dress nice back in the day - they wore a housecoat over their clothes!  It's been on my mind lately, sorry.

Happy Birthday on Thursday, Katy!  Also, Happy Paul Newman Day on Thursday. :)


melissa said...

Are you talking about "Grandma Haynes"? Remember when Allyn and I broke into her kitchen to get her fruity marshmallows? (That's not a euphamism.) Katy's a pretty girl. Happy Birthday, Katy and Paul! (Thanks for the Nonny shoutout.)

Mr and Mrs C said...

Oh my gosh!! We totally had one of those cake pans when I was little! I don't remember what birthday it was that I got a Holly Hobbie cake, but I LOVED Holly Hobbie!! Housecoat...funny!! Paul Newman rocks. :)

Mom said...

I've always been glad to have a picture of the one time I made an awesome cake for one of your birthdays. It wasn't grandma Haynes - it was a friend in Pocatello. Loved Jen's "posing" stage and Allyn's thumb in her mouth. (Wonder where her kids get that?) The housecoat was Grandma's, btw, and they really were handy - sort of an in-between stage of dressed and not dressed.
Happy Birthday to our sweet Katy!

Angie said...

Oh, I remember the Holly Hobby cake pan like it was yesterday!

Also, your kids are so cute. What fun. We need to get together. You should come downtown in March - all of the construction will be done, and it's going to be gorgeous! Bring the boys. We'll tag team them.