Friday, January 27, 2012

School Spirit = Crazy Hair

Today is Crazy Hair Day at Bridget's school.  I told her about it on Wednesday evening and she immediately began obsessing about how to do her hair.  So many ideas!  She discussed it with her friends on Thursday.  Some of the friends knew exactly what they were going to do and others hadn't decided yet.  We woke up a little earlier today so we'd have time to rat her hair.  (She decided "jacked up" was the way to go.)  Bridget has fine hair, so it was easy to make it really big.  When she first saw it in the mirror she had to laugh hysterically for a full minute.  Then she got nervous that other kids would look at her or that she would be the only one with crazy hair.  We watched out the front window for the kids to start walking to the bus stop (the usual).
The first two kids we saw walking did not have crazy hair.  I admit that I was freaking out a little on the inside wondering if I'd read her schedule wrong.  That would put me in the Uncool Mom Hall of Fame.
Even Emil and Colin were laughing at Bridget's hair.
Especially Colin.

After a few tense minutes, one of my sweet piano students (a 5th grader) came around the corner with super crazy hair.  She helped me encourage Bridget out the door, but Bridget did insist on wearing her hood over her crazy hair.  Baby steps to the bus stop...  :)


Allison and Noah Riley said...

Colin is killing me - that last picture is adorable. It's like I can feel how funny this all is to him :).

Jess said...

Are those ruby slippers? I am totally jealous! I also love the boy's reactions. I love how babies get wound up over anything slightly different.

allyn said...

That is some awesome hair. So cute that she wouldn't leave until she saw someone else with crazy hair. Colin has a great sense of humor. I foresee Bridget bringing him many reasons to laugh.