Monday, January 30, 2012

Family History Photo of the Week: Grandma Peggy with a Puppy

Today is my Mom's birthday!  She is featured often in my Family History Photo of the Week, but I haven't used this one yet.  This is very L'il Rascals to me - the short pants overalls (they look short, right?), the baby face, the puppy.  You can tell it's my Mom, too.  (She's holding a dog, so it's a good thing she looks like herself or we'd never guess it was her.)  Happy birthday, Mom!


melissa said...

This picture always reminds me of Little Rascals, too! Makes me wish I could hear that kid talk, you know?

kenzie said...

I love this picture. Mostly because you can tell it's her.

allyn said...

This is also one of my favorites. The whole picture is the essence of my opinion.