Monday, March 12, 2012

Family History Photo of the Week: Larry's 3rd Birthday Party

I have a CD of photos from a Lee family reunion - that's where I'm getting all these gems from the 1950s of my Dad's family.  I can't help but notice that more than 50% of the photos of the Curtis and Shirley Lee family are of Larry.  He's usually by himself, too.  Anyway!  Here is a party for Larry (surprise) on his 3rd birthday.  My absolute favorite thing about this photo is my Great Grandpa Milton England on the far right.  So handsome and young!  He and Grandma Bessie are only in their mid-40s here.  My other favorite is my Dad (Robert) and his cute face.  He's probably wearing suspenders and a belt again. :)  I also like that everyone has their own cupcake with a lit candle in it and the cake is on a pedestal.  I love cake pedestals!  (They still have those curtains up, don't they.)


Mom said...

This is a great picture! Grandma Shirley is 23, and Aunt Helen is pregnant with Diane and her twin brother who died. The curtains are different, but they are the same style. However, the picture on the wall is the same. It's nice to know they used the dining room in those days!

allyn said...

I didn't even think about that room maybe being gam's dinig room. I just don't picture it like that...for some reason.
Very cute little boys.

allyn said...

I must stop leaving comments with the iPad. My typing is horrible.

Still love the picture!!

Jess said...

Wait, wait, wait. That's the dining room? I had no idea. It's so different now.