Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Practice Time

Bridget looked so cute on the piano a few days ago that I had to take some pictures.  Most of the time I don't have to remind her to practice.  Our system is to put five jelly beans on the piano and each time she plays the song, she gets to eat a jelly bean.  That way we know when she's played it five times AND she gets a jelly bean.  She has to do her practicing when the babies are asleep because they go Crazytown when she is on the piano and not playing with them.  (In the evenings Colin takes Bridget by the hand and just leads her around, doing his bidding.)  We've had a few rough practice sessions, tears included, but I'm so impressed with Bridget's focus and determination.  (She has her tongue out sometimes and I find myself doing that when I'm not thinking about it.  Ha!)  She just finished her first set of books last week.  That means she gets her very own trophy at the next recital! 

All this is making me much less sympathetic of my piano students, though.  Too bad for them, I guess. :) 
Bridget loves to look out the window and report what is going on.  Gladys Kravitz.
Cinderella shoes that light up.  Naturally.


Jess said...

I am totally stealing that jelly bean idea when I start formally teaching Emmett piano. :)

Bump and Erin said...

I love the jelly bean idea! Bridget is a doll! I love her freckles!

Mom said...

Priceless! And absolutely adorable. Maybe I'll pass the jelly bean idea along, too.:)

melissa said...

So glad you got a shot of the shoes. Adorable. I'm definitely passing on your jelly bean idea.

What do you do for kids who didn't finish their books? I have a couple of students who just started in January and there's no way they'll finish by next month. I don't want them to feel like losers, donchyaknow.

Kristi said...

Ha ha, the jelly beans would be gone before Clara even started playing. Then the tears, then . . . feel lucky, my friend. Bridget is a determined, focused little sweetie.

Anonymous said...

We love that she like playing for us - such a cutie. GGK