Monday, May 21, 2012

Family History Photo of the Week: The Paskett Family Home

I probably shouldn't be posting this since I know so little about it.  It was in a collection on a CD my Dad copied for me and it's labeled "Paskett Family Home," which was in Grouse Creek, Utah.  My great grandmother, Rhoda Paskett Lee, is the connection here - she may even be in the photo, but I can't tell because the faces are so far away. Her father (the man standing on the left) is William Pope Paskett, who was born in England in 1855.  His father, James Pope Paskett, was the branch president of the Tetbury, England branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Talk about roots.  William's wife (standing next to him), Annie Louisa Meacham Paskett, was also a quilter (like my great-grandmother Rhoda) and I have an unfinished lone star of her's.  My Dad's Aunt Helen (one of Rhoda's children) said that Annie Louisa used her sewing machine to piece quilts together while Rhoda did everything by hand.  That's how they can tell whose unfinished work belongs to Annie Louisa and Rhoda.  (I might be the only one fascinated by that.)

The Pasketts had ten children and there are five pictured here, but it does look like the man sitting in the middle is holding a baby.  I wish I knew what the occasion was - the baby is in white so maybe a blessing?  William Pope Paskett was a bishop for many years in Grouse Creek.  It makes me smile to see the dress overalls. :)


allyn said...

Very fascinating. The picture, the quilt trivia, the overalls. Neat stuff.

Anonymous said...

I am a great grand daughter of
Annie Paskett who with her husband William Tunley came to Brisbane Australia in the 1870s I believe. Her siblings all went to Utah. Our names are in Parley Paskett's book Around the Campfire. Annie and William had nine children, one of whom, William Jnr, was my grandfather. William Senior died in 1875. Annie supported them all by taking in laundry. Her house was in South Brisbane near the Congregational church my family attended. I believe William Paskett might have been Annie's brother. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Nicole said...

I'm not sure how to get a hold of you. My Dad confirmed that Annie and William are siblings. It looks like your great grandmother was the only one of her family to go to Australia. A few years later, her whole family joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is what brought them to Utah.

So what took William Tunley to Australia? Is most of your family still there? I'd love to know more.