Monday, May 28, 2012

Party in the Desert

Brian's family has a tradition of going "out west" to the sand dunes for Easter, which they did this year and I wasn't there to take photos, so no photos of that.  (I have to do everything around here! Ha!)  That afternoon was such a success that they decided to do it again the week after Mother's Day.  Four-wheeling in the desert - it's for the Moms!  After some adventure getting turkeys smoked and a very bumpy ride to the meeting spot, it was time to get down to business.
They set up a living room tent and some chairs, surrounded it with vehicles, put Grandpa on guard duty, and then we could eat.  I think Bridget started digging before we even ate.
We managed to get some yogurt into the babies, adding to their sand and rock appetizer.  Delicious and nutritious!
There were so many soda and water bottles to chew on.  It was a busy afternoon for these two.  It's rough being on the clock all the time.
Grandma had to share that water bottle all afternoon.
Grandma Dena feeding little Brighton.  No reason a girl can't look fabulous with a beautiful bow in her hair in a tent.
Colin is more interested in Grandpa's drink than the salad on his plate.
Bridget and Nate took a short break from digging in the sand to smile for the camera.
Emil wandering in the desert.
Finally Uncle Darin showed up so Emil could take him for a ride.
This was after our ride, so we're looking ready to get off, but it was fun while it lasted.
Grandma took Bridget and Abby for a ride while McKade did his dance in the sand.  Hahahahaha!  They were throwing a ball around and I caught him in an odd moment.  This was Bridget's favorite part of the day.


melissa said...

Oh man! McKade's dance in the sand is killing me! Pahahaahaha! P.S. Your boys are so pretty.

allyn said...

That last one IS hilarious. I think Dina needs to start a "granny's on quads" riding group. She looks good on a 4 wheeler.
P.S. this is a strange tradition, but probably a fun one.

allyn said...

I meant Denise needs to start the granny riders group. Sorry. I spaced your m-in-l's name.