Monday, May 7, 2012

Family History Photos of the Week: Lloyd and Carol at Hooper Springs

There is no date on this photo, but my grandparents look like they did at the time they got married in 1947.  (I hesitated for such a long time before writing that date...  It was 1947, right?  We celebrated their 50th Anniversary in 1997...)  This is the bridge at Hooper Springs near where Grandma Carol grew up. 
Forty-five plus years later on the same bridge!  The trees in the background are so different!  I took this photo.  We were on our infamous Family History Tour (in lieu of a real vacation, of course :)) and one of the stops was Henry, Idaho, and Hooper Springs.  Grandma has a cup of spring water in her hand.  They used this second photo as their Christmas card photo that year.  I'm still very flattered by that.  So glad these two found each other. :)


Mom said...

This is amazing! When I saw the first photo (which I've never seen before - where are you finding these?)I thought I'd remind you about the second one, but you were way ahead of me. Thanks for a special post!

allyn said...

How did you even put the two together? I have always loved the color one, but the "sepia" is romantic and eerie at the same time. very neat.

melissa said...

Awwwww. I love these! The background is so different in each picture. How strange. Love.