Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Usual

When I was in grade school I had a journal.  Sometimes I wrote the date and one sentence, "A regular day."  In later years I was so frustrated by those entries that I would sometimes make a detailed account of a "regular" day.  Now those are my favorite journal entries to read.  What is "regular" when I'm 18 years old is a lot different than the "regular" I experience now.  Since I don't write in a journal at the moment, I thought it would be fun to show a typical day in the life of Emil and Colin.  There are too many pictures in this post.  Fair warning.
Emil usually wakes up first, around 7:30am.  (I get up at about 6:30 unless I go to the gym, then it's earlier.)  He sits in his bed and jabbers and jumps.  Colin can sleep through all that.  I wait until Bridget is dressed and ready for school before I go in and change their diapers and let them out.
Colin got out first yesterday.  (I don't mean to, but I end up taking turns getting one baby changed and out the door every morning.)
Freestyle dancing on the couch (cushions are on the floor already since Mama was too tired to put it back together the night before) for Colin.
Flopped down.
Emil takes advantage of the bar stools still being down.  
Bananas!  I give them little hunks of banana to eat while I make the oatmeal and fruit combo.
Emil loves bananas.
Colin thinks bananas are only okay, which Emil knows.  Emil is trying to get that banana piece before Colin throws it on the floor.
Breakfast is over!
While Mama foolishly cleans the appliances and the windows, Colin and Emil get to work.  Who keeps putting all these towels back in this drawer?
That's better.
Time for craziness in the front room, with occasional peeks out the front window.
Dancing to "Moses Supposes."
That oven mitt is one of their favorite toys lately.
Who's that coming down the track?  IT'S THOMAS!  (Weird collection of toys and items the boys aren't supposed to have on top of the cabinet.  I had to hide their dump truck so they would stop using it as a step stool.)
The morning poop is out of the way, now everyone is dressed and ready for some errands.
First, Costco!  Mama's favorite place because the carts hold two babies.  (Stupid Target.)  We get asked, "Are they twins?" at least half a dozen times as usual, but at least we got to see Aunt Debbie and Cousin Nate. :)
Bridget's home!
This was probably my worst move of the day, but I had to mail a package and I forgot the stroller wasn't in the car.  Not only did I take these guys in with me, I had to wait in line and I was taking photos of them.  They love me at the Post Office!
Up to no good, but he's so cute. 
These photos at the PO are not doing justice to the experience.  We ended up leaving with me holding a baby under each arm and Bridget blocking for me.
Trapped like rats.  Again.
After a quick lunch (both boys are grumpy and tired by this time), it's time for naps.  Bridget and I take our lunch downstairs and have a "picnic" and watch a movie.  Then Bridget does some homework on the computer while Mama cleans the office.  Two hours goes by fast.
Time for a walk outside.  Colin's hair is jacked and I refuse to gel it up again.
They're happy and they know it!  They wait until I say "clap your hands" before they clap their hands.  So cute.
Bridget shows us what is in her backpack while Emil yells.  (My favorite picture of the day.)
Fighting while Mama makes dinner.  When will Colin learn to put his whole body in the cupboard instead of just sitting on the edge?  He knows Emil is going to try REALLY hard to shut that door.
Emil finished his taco salad and is rewarded with a chip.  He likes to experience his food more completely by rubbing it into his hair.  Last night, it was strawberries.
Colin likes to be fed with a spoon.  He really got into the grape tomatoes last night.  Here he generously shares his chip with Bridget.
This is what happens when I forget to empty the dishwasher during nap time.
Daddy gives the boys their baths while Mama finishes emptying the dishwasher and helps Bridget with her bath.

I stopped taking photos at this point.  Too tired.  Brian gets the boys in their pajamas, I take them downstairs to play while I watch a rerun of "30 Rock."  Brian does the dishes, comes downstairs, more playing.  Then we read scriptures, say prayers and either Brian or I take Bridget upstairs to bed.  We feed the babies a night cap bottle while watching a half hour of one of the million shows on our DVR.  Then I take Emil upstairs (I always feed Emil - I've forgotten why) to bed and Brian takes Colin to bed.  The end... for 11 hours.


Jill said...

Oh my goodness, this takes me back! It makes me very tired and happy that I'm out of that crazy stage...yet sad too. You're my hero Nicole!

Anonymous said...

Loved all the pictures and the story of the day in the life of.
Such a handsome group. Love Grand.K

Angie said...

Very sweet boys, you're doing a good job :).

Might I suggest printing out something like a business card with answers to all of the typical questions on it. Then, when people approach you, you can just hand them a card and be on your way.