Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Celebrating Six Years of BRIDGET!

Somehow we always end up celebrating Bridget's birthday for at least a week.  She had epic celebrations and some pretty big gifts this year.  The first event was her Chuck E. Cheese party, compliments of Grandma.
Grandmas know what kids like and they give it to them.  Because I love my child, I endured an afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese.  Bridget was beside herself with happiness almost the entire time.
Most of the cousins and aunts and uncles came.  Just like the old days when we gathered at Chuck E. Cheese and listened to slot machines carnival rides and the giant automated band while eating pizza and shouting at each other.  Good times.
The boys were on the case to find out what all these things tasted like.  Probably exactly like you'd think a 20 year-old skee ball tastes...delicious.
Those tokens aren't going to lick themselves!
A cake with a mouse on it.  Okay, I thought it had been long enough since the party that I could post about it without being too snarky.  I was wrong.
Bridget got lots of money for her birthday and she couldn't have been happier to see it.  As you'll see later...
One of my favorite pictures ever.  This is what Emil was doing when Chuck E. Cheese was crowning all the birthday kids.  That's his Make It Stop Face.  We mostly see it when we tell him "no."
Aunt Dena got Bridget a Merida doll from the movie "Brave."  I don't think Bridget has stopped combing that doll's hair for more than a few minutes. :)
Bridget gives the best hugs. 

A few days after that party Bridget stayed overnight at Grandma's house with her cousins Abby and Nate.  While she was gone, Mama and Daddy cleaned out her room and put up her new bed and curtains.  That was her birthday present from us this year.  
She requested a canopy bed, but we went with this thing since it was less money and we can just unhook it if Bridget ever gets tired of it.  I bought the bed at Downeast Home - it's heavy iron and it was $125.  If you've ever tried to find a well-made headboard, you know that is a good deal.
That's the quilt I made!  It gets folded at the end of the bed every night because the thought of puke getting on it almost puts me in my grave.
Yesterday was THEE DAY and we couldn't just wait around for something fun to happen, so we went to Daddy's work and had lunch with him.  (Look at Emil's shoes!)
Then we all went to Walmart to get Bridget's new bike.  This is what she wanted to spend her money on.  She has been saving for a year.  Every dime she has collected has gone into the piggy bank for this bike.  When she got to the cash register to pay, she handed the lady her wad of cash and started heading out the door with her bike.  Hahahaha!  She was a few dollars short and she didn't wait for the receipt.
Once we got home and took off those pesky training wheels, she was off to play at Clara's house.  (That's Kristi waiting for her at the corner.)  I went back inside for a well-deserved three minute nap before the boys woke up for their tea and crumpets.  That is when I lost my mind, never to be found again.  Daddy saved the day and suggested I take Bridget to see "Brave" last night after dinner.  I love going to movies with Bridget!  Except that this one made me cry a little too much since I'm too frazzled to function.  We did it!  We made the birthday dreams come true!  Whew.


melissa said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful Bridget! Those pictures of her with her bike made me tear up. Dream come true!

Your snarky comments about Chuck E. Cheese have kept me laughing all week. Thanks, man.

allyn said...

I also appreciate the snarky. You have put my exact thoughts and feelings about mr. Cheese's establishment into the perfect words.
Bridget saved her money for a year? That is so wonderful. She looks very smart on her two-wheeler.

Time for tea and crumpets...

Mr and Mrs C said...

You KILL me Drusilla!! I can hear the tone in your voice in every post. And I have deep disdain for Chuck E. Cheese...deep. Your Bridget is so sweet...I want a hug!! Making dreams come true is hard work man. ;)

Ashley said...

Love it! This is almost exactly Abbey's sixth birthday party experience except Bridget was adorable about it. Apparently we ruined Abbey's birthday by getting her a bike...

Angie said...

So cute.

I, too, make that face during the Chucky Cheese birthday song, mostly because it goes on for about 15 minutes.