Saturday, June 16, 2012

Family History Photo of the Week: Carol Contemplates Yellowstone Park

This is such a cool photo.  That's my Grandma Carol Furniss in the foreground with her back to us (the hat!).  It is the late 1940s  and this is somewhere in Yellowstone National Park.  I love so many things about this picture, but that woman coming out with her two daughters is definitely toward the top.  She's wearing heels and a dress to tour Yellowstone!  Her daughters are in dresses and bobby socks and their hair is curled!  WHAT?!  Everything looks like Disneyland tries to make Critter Country look.  Anyway... I'm going to be thinking of this photo when I'm on vacation with my children.  I will be wearing my stretchy jeans and a Wonder Woman T-shirt.  No pearls, no heels.  Ahhh.

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allyn said...

That is a pretty cool find. The placement of all the figures looks somewhat staged yet could have been purely spontaneous. I love the spontaneous shots that look like they could have been set up.