Monday, June 11, 2012

Beefcake at the Pool

First, a story about our fancy plastic pool.  I braved a trip to Walmart with all three kids after trying two other stores for a pool I didn't have to blow up.  Walmart had plastic pools right out in front and the one I wanted was $16.99.  Excellent.  Pack Colin into the cart seat and put Emil into the basket ("I'm the King of the World!") and listen to Bridget ask if she could get into the basket too and can she ride on the side and a few hundred other questions.  No cashier had the right code for the pool, so I had to go all the way to the garden section to pay for the pool.  Then I had to come all the way back and put the kids in the van, put the cart in the cart return, pull up to the pool and shove it into my van.  In conclusion, it would have been much easier if I'd stolen the stupid pool.  You win again, Walmart.  (As I was pushing the pool into my van not one person asked me what the heck I was doing and did I pay for that.)

I didn't put the babies in their swim trunks to try out the pool until Saturday.  When Bridget was this age, she would run laps around the blow-up pool and occasionally throw something into it to see a splash.  I was very curious to see what Emil and Colin would do.

It's true they had Bridget for an example, but as with everything else so far their reaction was completely different - they were into it and wanting to get in.

Bridget is just coming up after splashing the boys by kicking her feet.  They don't look scared at all - and they're not running to Mama to dry off their eyes.  Hmmm.  Different.

Those were some heavy diapers, y'all.

They'd been wanting to get their hands on that cup and straw all morning.  Also, why does Colin need a haircut every other day?  

I had to include this one because I bought that pinwheel after the boys loved them at the cemetery.  It's clear across the yard and Colin had a very heavy wet diaper on, but he ran over there to hit it anyway.  Hahahahaha! 


melissa said...

Oh, they are so beautiful! I mean handsome, of course.

Walmart sucks.

Angie said...

They are so cute, and isn't great that a plastic pool is? They look so happy.

I haven't been on your blog for a while. I see we've ventured into featuring partial nudity (toward the bottom of the page) ;). Maybe a view disgression warning would be appropriate.