Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Family History Photo of the Week: Happy 60th, Uncle Mark!

I haven't been doing family history photos.  My Mom is the only one who has noticed, maybe.  Yesterday was a very special birthday for one of my favorite people, my Uncle Mark.  He's out serving as a mission president right now, so we couldn't celebrate with him in person.  I'm going to post a couple of my favorite pictures of him and/or with him in them.
This is at the Manti Pageant and I'm not sure of the year - maybe 1980?  Uncle Mark is holding me and listening to me.  That is Aunt Julie next to him and Jennie next to her.
There is a proof sheet of this airport experience and Uncle Mark is holding me in all of the photos.  I chose this one because Jennie is giving me a kiss and you can really get a load of how stylish Uncle Mark is.  My Mom's expression makes me happy, too.

I had more, but I can hear doors being opened and that's never a good thing when my boys are unsupervised.  Here's hoping for a wonderful 60th year to my Uncle Mark. :)


Allison and Noah Riley said...

You officially just made his day! Thanks for the wonderful pictures and thanks, also, for your contribution to his gift!

Jess said...

Mark was my cousin's mission president (my cousin JUST returned home). My cousin was even an office elder for a while, so he saw him quite often. Just a random fact for you. :) The pictures are way cute, by the way. Everyone looks so happy and well-behaved in the airport one- how on earth does that happen with two toddlers?

Katy said...

Is it just me, or does Uncle Mark look like Aaron-lou in that last photo? You and Jen are too cute!