Saturday, September 8, 2012

In the Game

I haven't blogged about Life in General for a while.  That's mostly because I have been in charge of clipping the nails of every person I live with for the last few weeks, along with some other duties.  Brian has been riding his bike to work since May.  Once a week they took an extra long ride into the canyon near their workplace.  On Thursday morning, August 23rd, Brian and his two riding friends finally wrecked.  Brian broke his right wrist in two places, injured his left wrist (not broken), and he had road rash all over his back, one elbow, and one leg.  Painful.  But!  It could have been so much worse.  (Can you tell how much Colin loves the cast?  Almost as much as Daddy does.)  Brian will have the cast on for another four weeks.

On to a couple of funny things from the last week that I want to be sure to remember to my kids later.  First, Bridget's love affair with School Lunch continues.  Every day I get a detailed description of what she had for lunch.  A week ago I noticed that she had the same thing for lunch that Daddy had, so I told her.  (Pizza and chocolate milk, by the way.)  That was a Friday and on Sunday night she asked me to check and see what was for lunch the next day.  Orange chicken.  As she was saying goodnight to Daddy she said, "Hey, Daddy?  Try to eat orange chicken and chocolate milk for lunch tomorrow so we can be the same."  (You know Brian tried really hard to find orange chicken the next day.  Being a parent is funny like that.)

While Brian went to Back to School Night this week, I stayed home and bathed the boys.  They're always really busy in the bathtub, standing up, sitting down, climbing, splashing.  I had just put soap in my hand to wash Emil's hair when Colin got my attention so he could put something in my other hand.  It was poop.  He knows I'm a collector.  Ahahahahahahaha!  So gross, but so so funny.


Jess said...

What is it with poop in the tub!?! I swear Kaitlyn is an expert. I have had to sanitize the bath toys more with her than with my other two combined!

By the way, I can't imagine bathing two toddlers at once, nevertheless twin boys. You are amazing.

Hope Brian's wrist heals soon. Not fun.

Ashley said...

Oh no!! If Brian is anything like Justin when he's hurt, I'm sorry (for you!!) The boys are just getting more and more cute. I love Colin's blue eyes and Emil's angel face.