Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Party

The world didn't end on my birthday (the 21st), so we went ahead and had our big family Christmas party with Brian's family.  The very first thing we did when we walked in the door was have the boys open a birthday present from Uncle Hal, Aunt Debbie, and Cousin NATE.  Hot Wheels!  Emil was into it.
I think it's fun to see Colin in the background wanting Daddy to hold him.  So many people!  Usually they have Grandma and Grandpa to themselves.  
They also got magna-doodles.  Colin can finally start his Book of Grievances. 
Cute little Brighton with her Mommy, Kyra.  This is Jed's wife and daughter.  Brighton was very kind to Emil later in the party when he tried to interest her in a trade - her cell phone for his... piece of paper.  (Emil does this to Colin all the time - tries to trade him something lame for something awesome.)
Nicolette, Janessa, and Grandpa sharing a laugh and some food.
Bridget wouldn't let me take her picture, so Abby pinned her down for me.
I just like this one.  You can barely walk from room to room for all the presents, plus a cute baby.

We played some games while Brian and I tried to distract the boys.  That got harder and harder to do, but after the games it was time for SANTA.  "SANTA!!!!  SANTA'S COMING!!!  I know him."  Emil and Colin are still pretty new to this action, so it was good that a few cousins went first.  Then Bridget, who was sweet and spoke clearly (a sewing machine and the movie "Brave").
Then it was Emil B.'s turn.  It was his one chance to get off the Naughty List and he BLEW IT.
Colin wasn't too pleased either, but he relies on being pathetic instead of muscling his way out.
Even Emil can't resist that face.  "I'll give you this envelope for my brother."

Then we made all the grandchildren get in a photo with Santa.  Of course we did that!
Bridgie watched him ride out of sight...
Until next year! 

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