Thursday, December 27, 2012


The title of this post is courtesy of Cousin Nate, who yelled that as he jumped and hugged everyone at Grandma and Grandpa's house Christmas morning. :)

Early (very early) in the morning on Christmas Eve, Bridget woke up sick.  She doesn't get sick very often, but when she pukes it is FOR REAL.  Good thing I wore a Wonder Woman shirt to bed, because I needed to be Wonder Woman first thing in the morning to clean up The Most Disgusting Mess Ever Made in Our Home.  It should have been a terrible day, since Bridget puked many more times after that first one.  Instead, Bridget and I read books and played games on my iPod while sitting on towels on the bathroom floor.  When she was feeling particularly awful, I'd hold her in my lap.  It was nice to have no where to go and nothing to do but take care of my sweet girl for an entire day.

We scrapped our dinner plan of Shepherd's Pie (get it?!) and had something easier instead.  After baths we watched "Home Alone," then read Luke 2 together and put one of our Nativity sets on display during the story. 

Christmas morning Bridget was up early thinking she was going to be sick again (false alarm, thank goodness) and she noticed some new boxes in our bedroom (where the Christmas tree is).  We went and got her brothers out and then the present-opening could begin.
Bridget got a sewing machine from Santa!
This makes me laugh.  Colin got a Sesame Street "iPod" and books.  Yes!
Emil and Colin both got a couple of Thomas Trains.  And new jammies.
This is mostly of Bridget opening a sewing box from Mama, but I love Emil contemplating his Cars and Thomas stuff.
Really, who cares about the other gifts?  Not Emil.
Open it!  Open it!  (Poor Bridget!)
Daddy is opening is big present (a tablet) while Emil plays with his cars and trains.
It was a strange year for Bridget.  She's six years-old, so she got a few dollies, but she also got a real sewing machine.  Everything is her favorite.  It's a fun moment-in-time for her.
So cozy.  So messy.
 Where's Emil? :-)
The boys took off to begin spreading the Christmas mess joy throughout the house.  Genius mini fort in the front room.

Then we went to Grandma's to open more gifts and wish them HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Giant Legos!  Colin is playing with his "iPod."  He thinks it's a phone and he likes to put it on his shoulder and walk around while he talks on it.
I made another calendar for Grandma.  After all these years I finally hit the Perfect Present for Grandma.  Yay!  You can see how delighted Nate is with Bridget's sewing basket. Hahahaha!  It was a very HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I didn't take any more photos.  Too tired.  Brian and the kids got me a Caribbean Blue Le Crueset braising pan.  It's perfect.  I may not be a good enough cook to own it, actually.


Jill said...

Jeffrey had the same stomach bug on Christmas Eve. I don't know too many people who got away with being totally healthy this Christmas, but everyone seems to have a delightful day despite it all.

My boys had those kinds of cars and train when they were little. They still enjoy them. Good gift!

Katy said...

I love your sweet family! Thank you for keeping up with your blog (unlike me!) so we can see what you are doing. I never think to bring the camera to Coombs family get-togethers. I guess it's because we see them almost every Sunday. I really have very few pictures of them. New Year's resolution?