Sunday, December 30, 2012

House Full of Kids

My sister, Allyn, and her family drove from Virginia to Idaho for the holidays.  I'm really glad Allyn is crazy, because they also came to our house for a night.  Bridget got to pretend to have two older sisters (Emma and Lilja) for a night and Colin and Emil learned from THE BEST how to be boys.  We stayed up late-for-us (not that late to anyone else) and played Monopoly (Allyn, Aron, Adam, Brian, and Me).  Adam was the only kid who wanted to play, so Brian and I took all his money and his property and his houses and MWAHAHAHAHA.  Talk about guilt feelings!  We all get used to disappointment sometime, I guess. 
Little boys everywhere!  Chance and Emil were pajama twins.  Colin is on the table.
 Watching the Oompa Loompa song.  Again.
Bridget had perma-grin the whole time the cousins were here.  Lilja and Emma were kind enough to sleep in Bridget's room on the floor.  Emma told me the next morning that Bridget's room must be the hottest one in the house.  Yes.  You're welcome?
Noah, Emma, and Bankrupt Adam at breakfast.  Allyn brought the cinnamon rolls.  Just in case anyone thought I made those.  Yeah, right.
Look at all that stuff!  So far we've only found one watch left behind.  Free watch!  Just kidding.  Hey, Allyn, we found a watch.
Banks helped Brian and Emil shovel the driveway for the fourth time in two days.
Sidewalk chalk!  Of course they found that.
I can't remember what Lilja was asking for here.  Pretty sure the answer was "no."

We love it when the party comes to us!  Thanks for making us part of your holiday adventure, Allyn and Aron. :)


melissa said...

It is nice that they're crazy. Happyfuntimes! See that green pajama shirt Banks is wearing? That's what they left at our house. You win.

Jess said...

How fun! I just had to laugh at Collin sitting on the table. I am glad my toddler is not the only one. :)