Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sew & Tell: Boys are Pirates

My bff informed me just before we got our boys that you can't get away from skulls when it comes to kids' clothes, especially boys.  It's true!  I thought I'd save my dear sister, Katy, some time and just help her embrace the fact that she is carrying a pirate.  A little boy pirate.  Ha!  My goal this year is to make something every month.  Even if it's small, I'm doing it.  For January, I made a car seat cover and a quilt for Katy's first boy after five girls.  Arrrrgh!
I used Sarah Jane's "Out to Sea" fabric.  In order to get the full map in the middle, I had to create a border with the red alphabet fabric.  Then I did a bias binding that I messed up in the very front.  Super visible.  I thought she was going to have him early and I couldn't start over by that time.  I'd already cut most of the fabric for the binding wrong.  Bah.  Sorry, Katy.
Same fabric in an apple core quilt.  I decided I need to do a project a month after finishing this quilt and realizing how rusty I am.  I put minky on the back and had Wendy do a "wave" pattern for the quilting. 
 It turns out I had more time than I thought, but I'm glad I got it mailed out when I did. :)

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allyn said...

i LOVE the map/ pirate theme. so cute and masculine. i also love apple core quilts. you have done a beautiful job, of course.
why is katy still pregnant????