Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Closer

Good news!  The boys passed their hearing tests with the audiologist late last week.  (Thanks, Kikka, for putting my mind at ease so that I could notice that they were doing everything I asked them to do.  Which means they can hear me.)  The doctor said Colin probably failed because he took the test a few days after being diagnosed with two ear infections.  We're still going to work with Kids on the Move to help them develop their skillz and catch them up on their speech.  Plus, it gives them someone else to look at besides me.
This is Colin the Innocent.  He gives hugs and kisses all the time.  He even wipes away his poor sister's tears.  He eats broccoli and carrots and he loves Winnie the Pooh.
He also threw that very bus at Emil's head the other day and made a big red mark on Emil's forehead and nose.  Poor Emil!  Colin doesn't start stuff very often, but he will finish it.  He WILL finish it.  Since Emil was doing my favorite thing while I took pictures of him, let's continue...
A bus comes to pick up the girl across the street every morning.  Emil likes to be at the window with one (or in this rare case, both) of his buses to imitate the bus moving.  He cheers when he sees it coming, but then gets pretty serious when it's time to move.
Yesterday the boys helped me load the dishwasher, put stuff from the washer to the dryer, fold clothes, and Emil was Jonny-on-the-spot if I needed to put something in the garbage.  (Emil can get past all the child locks in the house.)  When I asked Emil to put a dish towel away, he dropped his cars, took the towel, and ran into the kitchen.  I could see his reflection in the oven window (I was sitting on the floor in the family room because I haven't been able to stand up for being so sick the last few days) and I watched him put the dish towel in the garbage.  Ha!  I would never have found it.  That's probably where our old remote and the thermometer are...


Jill said...

So happy to hear that they passed their hearing test! What a relief.

I used to be so afraid that someone would haul my butt into child protective services because my boys always had so many bumps, bruises, and scratches from each other (and their wild life styles)! It never happen, thank goodness, but I used to worry!

Thanks again for accommodating us this week for piano. Hopefully that won't ever happen again!

KQ said...

Yay! I'm so happy that they passed their hearing tests. I was really worried and hoping that I wasn't just giving you false hope. They'll do great in speech. You'll be amazed how quickly they learn.