Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May Day

I feel like I should be sitting on my front porch watching these trees bloom.  It's a spectacular show.  Every time I catch a glimpse of them out the window it takes my breath away.
Those are peonies under the tree.  Ah, Spring!  The kids have been playing in the backyard a lot, which is nicer than having them empty the pantry and color on the walls.  (Once again, I've lumped "the kids" together when really it's just Emil who does those things.  He also shushes his brother when I'm singing because he likes to listen and then sing with me.  I cannot resist it.  So it's fine - whatever he wants to do is fine.)  When Bridget is home from school, they like to see what she's going to do next.
"Don't watch me because I'm going to be practicing my dance."  (She had a skirt on, but it got in the way of cartwheels.)
I don't know if Emil and I were supposed to see that.  Pretty sure we were.
Five!  Six!  Seven!  Eight!
The First Graders get to dance to "Call Me Maybe" this year at the dance festival.  Luckeee!  After telling me not to watch, Bridget then asked me to watch them practice.  I'm surprised they could get through it with all the laughing.  At one point I saw Bridget holding her tummy as she laughed.  Sometimes I ask her what's so funny when she's playing with Kodi, but I can never understand her answer because she starts laughing when she thinks of it.  :)
The downside of playing outside with the sidewalk chalk.  I don't think we need forensic science to help us solve the mystery of whose hand print this is.  I almost cleaned the floor yesterday, but I decided at the last minute that it was a dumb idea.  Win?


Jill said...

The bad thing about blossoms is that they only last a little while. I love them the most though.

Finished "They Were Sisters." Loved it!

Wendy said...

Pretty jealous of your pretty yard! We have a dirt pile and "wild flowers" aka weeds. My 3 yr old goes around singing "call me maybe" does Briget give dance lessons?

melissa said...

Emil is so handsome I don't think I could resist him, either. Bridget looks so stinkin' cute! Please tell me there will be a video of that dance.