Saturday, May 11, 2013

Flowers, Wind, Running, Rabbit Ears

Most of the time I'm thinking about how to wear out Emil and Colin so they'll take a good nap.  For real.  I plan trips to the grocery store strategically close to lunch.  I take them to the park.  I take them for walks.  It's a happy side effect that they get outside to play and they get to see the world a little.  The only reason I do it, though, is so they'll sleep.  

One day last week I was off on my grocery store timing.  We got home late, ate lunch late, took naps late.  Rather than jeopardize bedtime, I took the boys, Bridget, and Kodi to Thanksgiving Point to roll it out.
I used to take Bridget all the time!  Having one kid is such a cake walk.  I'd forgotten how funny it is to watch little kids run aimlessly over so much grass.
It only took about 15 minutes of this before the boys climbed back into the stroller all by themselves, they were so worn out.
 It was a beautiful day, but it was also windy.  So much for Hair Done Day.  (I do my hair twice a week.  The other five days I wear it in a pony tail.)
Enter the Rabbit Ears Stage.  These two kept sneaking up behind each other and doing the rabbit ears until the other one turned around.  They should take that show on the road because it's funny every single time. :)  Bridget used her foldin' money to buy a bag of M&Ms for herself and one for Kodi.  They walked in front of me for about three minutes, then Kodi came back and handed me her empty candy wrapper (!).  These two are so weird/funny together.

Everyone slept like rocks that night, by the way.  Because all my plans work.

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allyn said...

You brilliant sonovagun, you. One kid is Easy. For sure. Glad you enjoyed a beautiful day