Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother, Kind and True

I had a choice between a good shot of Bridget and me or a good shot of the boys.  The boys lose that battle.  I had a lovely Mother's Day, thanks to these little people and Brian.  Who couldn't be in a good mood seeing Emil B. in a tie and Colin in a bow tie?  Come on!  Brian got home from running the Red Rock Relay at midnight Saturday night, and he still got up with a stuffy-nosed Emil at 5:00am and let me sleep.  The truest of true love.

We had the perfect weather for a family Mother's Day party with Brian's side of the family.  A record number of mothers attended this year.  (Apparently Grandma ended up doing a lot of the cooking.  Shame!  I guess the guys can do their Father's Day dinner, then.)

New mama, Linzy, and little Aiden.
Janessa, Dena, Jed, and Brighton
The kids started out facing the wall with plates of food.  For Emil and Colin that lasted for 20 seconds.  I think it was during dinner that Nate announced his betrothal to Bridget.  Don't laugh, it's real.
The rest of the time we were there, Brian and I had to lure the boys to sit by us and take a bite.  I think Colin ate four peaches and pie.  Emil probably drank from every person's glass.  And he used the serving spoon to get himself a bite of corn.  Sigh.

As a trade-off for not eating anything normal, the boys saw a lot of action and got dirty.  Bridget ran herself ragged with Abby, too.

Kalvin, Jake, and McKade wrestling.

We sang happy birthday to Dena and Jed and Grandma got in on that because she loves to have people sing to her. :)  Before we knew it, it was bedtime.  Seriously - why is it light so late and then again so early in the morning?
Grandma, Jed, and Aunt Dena
Kyra and Princess Brighton
McKade and Jake
Colin holding Daddy's hand
A success!  It was Emil and Colin's second to the last day of their two year, five month vacation.  Potty Training Camp starts tomorrow.  I'm prepared for battle.  Too bad they are too.  (Always.)

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Kristi said...

I'm not going to lie. Seeing Colin in the last outfit was creepy. He looks like Henry!