Friday, July 5, 2013


It's been years since Brian and I have gone to Stadium of Fire at LaVell Edwards Stadium.  We've been 4th of July Poo Poos ever since in that we haven't seen a decent fireworks show.  No disrespect to our neighbors who do what they can with the recently legalized fireworks.  This year Stadium of Fire had Carly Rae Jeppson (CALL ME MAYBE!!) and Kelly Clarkson (turns out I love her - I'm not afraid to admit it anymore) so we decided to be Fun Lovers and take Bridget to see the real deal.  We bought three tickets in the J section where we wouldn't have to turn our heads or get burned by FIRE and then we spent two months getting Bridget PUMPED for the show.
After getting $5 "nachos" and other "food" items, we found our seats.  They expanded the stadium in 1982 when bums were smaller.  It was hard to really dance next to the giant guy and his family on my left, but he was my hero for putting that dummy in front of us in his place.  Literally - the guy was in the wrong row.  Look at all those people!!!  I didn't even know about that creepy kid right behind Bridget's head.  
I've got two nose-pickers and a guy wearing an American flag.  It doesn't even look like there is a spot next to Brian for me to sit with my treasure:
Cougar Crunch!  And a blasphemous bag I made with London fabric.  Who brings that to an Independence (from ENGLAND) Day celebration!  As my friends at Boden said, What's 237 years between friends?  Yes, we were in our seats and I couldn't stop thinking about caramel corn, so I went back out to get some.  I saw the cutest thing on my Incredible Journey:
They were getting ready to perform and couldn't have looked cuter.  The people who run this show are really good at their jobs.  REALLY good.  I looked at the program and thought we'd made a huge mistake when I saw how many things were between us and Kelly Clarkson and fireworks.  I enjoyed every single second of it, though.  They had a great talent-show-winning band called The Strike, they had sky divers - 
They had dancers and Cirque du Soleil and and a great choir and Patti Austin and the sweetest 11 year-old girl who belted out the National Anthem like a pro and totally made me cry.
Carly Rae sang a few songs before her signature and Bridget was tapping her toes and doing a little sit-down dancing.  When she did sing "Call Me Maybe" Bridget sang along with her and made me cry again.  So easy.  Bridget is so much fun!  It was right around Bridget's normal bedtime when Kelly Clarkson started her part of the show, so we had a hard time keeping her awake from then on.  How can you not love Kelly Clarkson?!  She has a great voice and she sounded so happy about everything.  (One note for whoever designs her costumes, though; yikes.  She was working out on the stage, for crying out loud!  She needed more support.)

The fireworks were unbelievable.  How do they DO it?!  

We walked back to our car in Pleasant Grove (all you Utah County peeps know what I'm sayin') and I regretted big time choosing the cute shoes over the comfortable ones.  I'm paying the price with nickel-sized blisters on both little toes.  What a great 4th of July, though.  Stadium of Fire made me proud. :)


melissa said...

YOU SAW KELLY CLARKSON?! That's totally cooler than the Bret Michael's concert Chloe and I just watched before fireworks at the arch.

That is an insane amount of people. Remember their commercials where we couldn't quite understand what they were saying? "Steady, I'm on FIRE!"

Katy said...

I, too, love Kelly Clarkson!! You had the best 4th of July ever!!