Monday, July 15, 2013

Sum Sum Summer Time

Bridget is taking swimming lessons again this year.  In answer to my prayer, Brittany's girls had lessons at the same time, so she drove last week.  This week the times worked out for me to take the boys and watch for the hour-long lesson.  It was really hot outside (the boys both had beads of sweat on their noses), but we ate lunch in the shade and had a nice visit with our friends.
Bridget in the pink suit and Millie on her right.
Would you believe the teacher asked them to put their arms up like Bridget is doing?  Ha!  Those kids have better things to do.  Bridget is the oldest one in this group - hopefully she'll get to move up in the next few days.
There were a few more little brothers playing in that awesome playground and I saw Emil standing with  two other little boys.  I wondered if he could make them understand what he was saying.  Colin "gets" his brother, see.  Colin screeched at a kid who tried to sit next to him in a little cockpit area and Emil came over to escort the kid off the premises.  They were protecting each other.  Remember how Emil took Colin's scooter out from under him the other day and Colin bit Emil's arm so hard that we could see the teeth marks for three days?  That was awesome?
That's what Colin looks like when he's trying to keep that quarter of a peanut butter sandwich in his mouth.  Who has time to chew every single bite?  
At the end of class, the kids get to jump off the diving board.  This is my favorite picture of the day.  Millie is next in line and you can see Bridget's face and Annie and Treyton and Riley.  So cool to have swimming lessons with so many friends.
Brave dive off the diving board.
Millie looked so cute holding her nose, I had to include this one.
Bridget's pencil dive.  Pointed toes.

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The biting...oh the biting!