Monday, August 19, 2013

A Day at the Lake

We weren't going to go to Bear Lake this year because we have another big trip planned and our money tree hasn't been producing like we thought.  As the family trip got closer, we couldn't imagine not being there for it, so we drove up Saturday morning to spend the day at the lake with everyone.  Emil is taking his turn with the big summer virus that Colin had last week.  It comes with fevers, puking, and explosive diarrhea!  Poor babies.  (And let's face it, Poor Mama.)
Bridget collected shells for hours and hours.  As we were leaving that night she realized she'd left them in the sink in the other condo.  It had been a long, exciting day, so Bridget had a little meltdown.  Grandma saved the day, as she often does. :)
Nate was there!  Two years ago no one could make him get in the water and this year no one could get him out of the water.
The boys found a Relaxation Station and did what they usually do to relax: Fight.  I'm surprised my camera could catch Colin's fists of fury.  Sigh.  Do all twins fight this much?  (Yesterday Emil ran into our room yelling, "FIGHT!  FIGHT!"  Hahahaha.  I guess Bridget and Colin were "fighting" and he wanted us to intervene.  Colin can only fight Emil?)
 Thinking about his next play.  Or possibly trying to be too cute to get into trouble later.
Uncle Darrin played volleyball with Abby while Colin cleaned the lake.
Auntie Janessa with Brighton.
Grandma and Great Grandma watch Brighton's yoga skills.
Daddy didn't know about Colin's favorite game - Name That Fruit Snack.
It's Bruce the Shark!  Now he can eat it.
Emil fell asleep in my arms after his ride on the jet ski.  This photo makes me think, "That's a big baby!"  It's been so long since Emil has slept in my arms.  I mean besides the nights on the couch when he's coughing too much to sleep.  :(  It's the only good thing about a sick child - the cuddling.  Bridget did my nails a week ago.  Blue and lime green on the same hand.  Style.
Great Grandma holding Linzy's little Aiden.
Even Bridget needed a minute to warm up after her ride on the lake with Daddy.
Time to get back out there!
I love photos of all three of my kids.
This is my favorite of the day.  Beautiful Bridget looking so happy, Cute Brighton, Colin kicking waves in the background.  Nice.
Brighton, Abby, and Nate.  This picture reminds me that I had more on my camera, but they didn't show up while I was editing.  Hmmm.  I wonder where they went.
Emil and I went for a walk and he found a sailboat.  Brian and I mostly followed the boys around all day.  At the pool earlier, Emil walked off the step in the kiddie pool about half a dozen times.  He was under the water in a second.  Colin spent all his time at the pool RUNNING around it and threatening to jump into the deep end.  Also, Colin ran to the edge of the diving board and assumed Cousin Abby would catch him when he jumped off.  Years off my life!  Never make me run in a swimsuit.

We ate dinner with everyone at the big house.  It was too windy and cold to eat on the deck, but Brian made some root beer out there anyway.  And we made our kids eat out there because the house was a little too crowded for the likes of Emil and Colin.  On our way out of town we stopped for a Raspberry Shake at LeBeau's.  Bridget and I stood in line for a little while together.  The perfect ending to a lovely summer.


Jess said...

This makes me very excited for our trip to Bear Lake this weekend. It looks like you had a fun but exhausting time. :p One toddler at a pool is scary enough, so I can imagine two are hard. I love the lighting on the last picture!

melissa said...

Beautiful pictures! That IS a big baby. Hope everyone's feeling better.

Jill said...

Bear Lake always delivers!