Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big Sister's First Day of School

Bridget started second grade!  On the first day of school she was awake at 6:00 and ready to roll.  It reminded me that every year on the first day of school, Jen would wake up in the middle of the night and shower and start getting ready for school.  Ha!  We had plenty of time to do a braid, eat breakfast, change clothes...  I wanted photos of Bridget at the bus stop, so that meant getting the boys dressed.  (I know they have holes in their pants.  I KNOW IT.  There is no such thing as size 2T hand-me-down clothes for boys.)  Emil frantically asked me for help getting his backpack on. :)

Brookie and Millie were walking by just as we were getting out of the driveway, so Emil got to walk his girlfriend to the bus stop for a minute.  (She thinks he's his babysitter.  Tomato, tomato.)
Colin was hanging on pretty tight to Bridget.  I think he knew something was up.
Bridget joined Clara in the already long line of kids at the bus stop.  I think it's around 40 kids who get picked up at this corner by our neighborhood.  Good thing some of them are moving on to junior high!
Notice there are boys only at the front.  Those guys like to park their backpacks at the bus stop about an hour and a half early.  
Colin butted into line and got pretty close to getting on the bus.  I had to stop taking pictures of this action and go get him, but Kristi was on the other side to catch what happened next.
My little lovies.
Funny that Emil was the one who put the backpack on, but there was no way he was getting on that bus.
Breaking my heart.

We passed the time, somehow.  Found some weapons and fought a little bit.  Watched "Toy Story."  Went to a few stores and the Post Office.  Emil and Colin took a nap.  Mama drank Dr. Pepper and watched "Parenthood" while working on a quilt. :)  Then we put Bridget's doughnut with sprinkles on a napkin and headed off to see her get off the bus.
Can you see that Colin did not notice Bridget getting off the bus?  Look at her face!  She loves her new teacher, her new class, EVERYTHING.  She told me that it seemed like she just got there and it was already time to leave.  Happy day. :)
There she is!
Emil doesn't care that Bridget is home.  "What the heck?  Where's my doughnut?"
The other moms hooked them up with a cupcake.  Colin is friends with the bus driver now, so he waved goodbye.
Successful first day.

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