Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Projects Revealed

I had to wait to post about what I worked on this year until the recipients had them. The first is an Irish Chain queen-size quilt. I used Quiltsmart again - their grid pattern this time. It's fairly new and didn't come with directions, so I had to remember way back to April when I learned how to do it. Since I only had a jelly roll of the French General fabric for the chain itself, I decided to do a single chain.
It was a lot of little squares, but a fun puzzle for me. The sections came together pretty easily after I figured out that I need to trim the excess interfacing before I pin and sew a big section together. I should have figured that out before the almost-swearing and burning my finger. None of my blood on this one though. Too bad. It is my signature, after all.

The next is my fifth lone star wall-hanging for my family. (The one I did for Aaron and Lori's wedding was a queen size.) Same thing I do every year, Pinky. I had a totally different plan for this, but I bought the first "kit" of fabric in a rush and with the boys. When I went to cut it out, I decided it didn't fit this siblings' personality, so I went back for different fabric.
I went with 1930s prints, which I haven't used in a long time. They always look so happy and bright to me.
Even though I was on a really tight schedule getting this mailed out before we went to Disneyland, I still added piping to the binding. It's too awesome.

I did more really big projects this year and lot less table and wall-hanging stuff. It was probably the same amount of work, though. :)

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melissa said...

Did you happen to know that I love this? Thank you SO MUCH! I saved your gift for last because I knew it would be the most awesome.