Thursday, December 26, 2013

Turning 40 and A Christmas Party

I turned 40 last Saturday. It sounds worse than it is. I have my health, my kids are young and fun, my husband looks older than me. It's fine. In fact, I had my hair colored for the first time just a few weeks ago. And I don't need glasses. I'm probably making people feel bad about themselves at this point, so I'll drop it.
One last thing, I've kind of always been 40 on the inside, don't you think?

The best part about big birthdays is big presents. Brian took me to Salt Lake for the night, leaving the kids with someone we could trust. We went to Ballet West's The Nutcracker, then had room service. From our dinner order they probably thought we were college kids (pizza and hot wings - why?). For some reason, "Ghost Busters" was on and we watched the whole thing and heard every word (and every commercial) without getting jumped on or having a toy hit us in the head. That movie has aged well. It was a nice discovery to make. The morning of my birthday, the 21st, Brian got ready and went home to take care of the kids while I lounged around listening to my books and getting ready slowly. Then I went shopping at City Creek. I had so many bags by the time I was finished (I thought I was finished - ahahahahaha - that's funny to me now) that I couldn't even walk into the stores anymore. (I was also carrying my overnight bag.) I took the Frontrunner train home. Slick! We went to see the lights at Thanksgiving Point - the kids were overly impressed for kids who have been to Disneyland recently. Bonus! When we got home, Brian gave me a really great present. (I got other really great presents, but I won't mention them here because everyone is already jealous.) A Nikon d3200!! A real camera!! I didn't have time to read much before the Christmas party with Brian's family the next day, so that explains the next set of photos.  I hope.

Let's just say I didn't understand ISO until I got on YouTube and now I can't stop freaking out that you can choose your film. I don't have to take 24 pictures in a row with only one kind of film! It's amazing! Digital cameras are AMAZING. Back to the party. It was after church and there was no time for the usual nap. You all know how I love foreshadowing.
I was in charge of a "game" for the younger kids. We had to somehow get them their little gifts without having them play the big kid Dice Game. A friend of mine mentioned they do a fishing pond at their Christmas party and voila! I know a good idea when I hear one. I didn't know it would be the best thing that has ever happened to the boys. (Next year, smaller gifts and more turns.)
The first of many, many vehicles Emil got this year. They make him happy. Yes, Mom needed to bump up the ISO. I know now. I know, okay?
I love Emil's profile here. Nate was so happy to see everyone. He kept saying, "Everyone is here!" and then he'd give the nearest person a big bear hug. Notice Mike Wazowski is on the floor and Colin is holding the fishing rod? Yes, smaller presents and more turns next year.
Bridget gets mostly big girl presents anymore, so I was happy to buy her a fun doll. The wings move! Aren't the glasses adorable? She got them a few weeks ago. I love seeing her come in to breakfast in the morning with bedhead and her glasses on so she can see. :)
We played a few games downstairs until the main attraction arrived. Here he is reading "The Night Before Christmas" with a heavy kid on his lap.
I'm having a hard time posting these photos. I want a do-over. Colin was so cute with Santa. Last year he was not okay with any of this. Emil was still not okay. He fought like the little badger he is and got off Santa's lap in a hurry. (Colin's face is covered in chocolate. It looks like that all the time. He will not eat real food anymore.)
Bridget was frantic about what to ask Santa to bring her. She knew Disneyland was from him, so what was she going to SAY?! I suggested shoes and she seemed relieved. :) As we were driving home she said, "I'm so excited to see what kind of shoes I get Christmas morning!" I love that. So much.
So very many things wrong with this photo. Totally preventable. Thank goodness there were at least six other cameras there to capture the magic and the moving heads.
We played the Dice Game and then suddenly this guy was there. I didn't catch his name.
We sang to the boys and Nicolette for their birthdays. (Denise added my name on the last chorus. Hahahaha!) 

We always know when it's time to leave the Christmas party. The boys were totally out of control. That's how you know it was a good party.

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Jill said...

Happy Birthday Nicole! The big one is coming up for me this summer too. How did we get to 40?