Saturday, January 11, 2014

"My Try"

When the boys were tested to see if they qualified for preschool, Colin was eager to please. He listened to all the case workers and tried hard to do what they wanted. Emil did not. Emil got into preschool because he is stubborn. Colin probably needs it more, but he is too nice. Instead of twice a week preschool, Colin gets once a week speech therapy with Mrs. Burns. He does get to go to the school, but Mom drives him and sits next to him. Not the same as getting on a bus solo and spending three hours at school. I tried to make it a big deal.
I let Colin take a nap on my bed before we went to school. I held him for a little while before he fell asleep. I'd forgotten about the sweet nap with a cuddly toddler. Ahhh. I woke him up and bundled him up for the stormy/snowy weather (that explains the hair?) and we went to school. For 30 minutes. I'm just saying it was a lot of work for 30 minutes.
When Colin was finished, we planned to go get Emil at the preschool in the trailer next to the school. I predicted that Emil wouldn't be happy to see us, and I was right. As soon as he saw us he started flipping out and yelling, "NO!! My bus!!" So, Emil will be riding the bus home. Every time.
Colin and I went home and waited for the bus to bring Emil home. 
Then we waved to the precious bus as it drove away.
Then Colin got his revenge during homework time. It doesn't matter how many crayons there are, one of the boys is always holding all of them. There is no ME in SHARE, y'all. 

Hmmm. It's kind of been a long week for me.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Nicole: I have been off of the internet for over 7 months. It is shocking to see your family: everyone looks so much older! (except for you and your hubby!) It is wonderful to see how healthy Emil looks. Happy New Year! Sister Welch in Oregon