Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Where Mo?"

 Emil had his first day of preschool today. He woke up at 6:20 this morning, which was fine because I had to get everyone out the door by 8:00 to get Bridget to the eye doctor. Also fine because then I could feed him at 11:00 and make him take a little nap before the bus came at noon. Colin was asleep when I got Emil dressed and ready to go. Emil took note of it and asked, "Cahnan school?" I thought I was about to break his heart, so I said no very carefully. Emil smiled and said, "Yeah." (I told my friend his reaction and she said Emil has probably thought all along that Colin isn't actually a big boy. Confirmed. Hahahaha!) I couldn't get over how cool he was about this whole thing. He's never alone and yet he was getting on a bus BY HIMSELF to go to school. 
His backpack has a change of pants in it. Naturally. Emil kept hugging my leg and saying, "LOVE YOU!" :)
That is his Bus Face. (Funny, my Bus Face looks nothing like this.) The bus driver has an assistant and they let him find his own seat (heaven for Emil - finally people are treating him right). I buckled him in and gave him a kiss. I backed away to take this picture and he was making that face. Then I got off the bus and waved. He blew me kisses and waved. Then one of us cried for a little while.

When Colin woke up from his nap he started what became his Afternoon Chant: "Where Bidgie? Where Mo?" They're at school. I spoke that last sentence at least a hundred times this afternoon. Colin and I went for a walk, sang songs about Winnie the Pooh, watched for the bus to bring Mo home. Bridget came home first and she was better at helping Colin pass the time.
Finally the bus came. We watched it slowly turn around at the end of the street and come back to our house.
I can't yell and take pictures at the same time. When Emil came off the bus, Bridget, Colin and I were jumping up and down and saying, "YOU DID IT!!!" Trust me, Emil looked proud. Then he started jumping too.
Every question we asked Emil about school was answered with a big smile and, "Good." It was good. That's all I'm getting.
I need to find something REALLY cool for Colin to do while his brother is at school. Getting Mom all to himself is not all it was cracked up to be.


Jess said...

How sweet! Kaitlyn enjoys her alone time to a degree, but she is very ready to get her siblings in the afternoon. :) Love that bus face!

melissa said...

I was able to hold back the tears until that last picture. Ah! So sweet! He looks so happy!

Katy said...

You let a preschooler get on the bus all by himself?! You're a better mom than me! You must also have better buses than me. It's so hard when they leave. I still cry a little as I drop the kids off at school.