Saturday, April 26, 2014

"Precisely Why We've Gathered Here to Cheer!"

It was a musical extravaganza for us this week. Bridget had her choir concert on Thursday. She's been going to practices every week since January and sometimes I would catch her singing the actual words to "Be Our Guest," and "Under the Sea," and "Happy Working Song." Her favorite, though was Olaf's song about summer. I didn't get a very good seat and I tried too hard to get a photo (dark, lots of people in front of me, lots of people in front of Bridget) before I gave up and just enjoyed the music.
Kodi and Bridget didn't crack a smile the whole time. Singing in a choir is serious business. :)

Friday was Bridget's Unbirthday at school. The kids with birthdays during the summer get an unbirthday during the school year to make things fair. The boys and I brought donuts to Bridget's class to celebrate one of the 364 unbirthdays she'll have this year. 
Colin sat right down at an empty desk and Emil tried to take Bridget's chair.
Bridget's face is the best in this photo. 
The kids sang a crazy version of the Birthday Song, which bored Emil to death. Ha! We LOVE Bridget's teacher. 

Friday night we had a big party with our ward (church). I performed with my friend, Andrea, and the kids got to stand on the stage while the song "Happy" was playing. They were supposed to be showing us dance moves, but it took a while for any of them to get into it. Colin stood on the edge of the crowd of kids and waved at us. Toward the end of the song he stepped into the dance spotlight and did an awesome somersault. Bridget couldn't stop talking about that somersault for the rest of the night. Because it was so cute that no one can stand it, that's why! Emil was in my arms crying and complaining during the kids' number. Then he cried and cried because he didn't get to be on the stage and dance. As a rule, I never bring a camera to a ward party because I'm too stressed making sure none of our kids leaves the building.

Saturday was the piano recital for my students and Bridget is one of them. I had each of my students play a solo and a duet with one of my other students (or for two of them, a duet with me). It is my favorite thing to watch little kids play duets on the piano. I had two young boys play a duet of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and they kind of came off the rails in the middle of the song. They looked at each other and one of them shrugged and they began playing where they'd messed up. I love that! It's adorable. Bridget and Kodi played "Are You Sleeping?"
Bridget starts before Kodi, for anyone who takes issue with Kodi's hand position in this photo.
It's hard for me to be inconspicuous at these things. That's Kaitlyn on the piano.
Kodi finished the Primer Level and Bridget finished Level One during the last year, so they both got trophies, which is the best thing ever. (Before the choir concert on Thursday, Bridget asked if she could go to Kodi's to "get ready." I asked what that meant and she said, "You know, do our nails and stuff.":))
The place where I get the trophies finally started offering new music-themed trophies, so I mixed it up this year. I also got everything in silver. I'm just realizing that's only fun for me.
Jackson and Ethan played "When the Saints Go Marching In." (This was taken after the recital, that's why there is powdered sugar on Jackson's lips and a photo-bombing little brother of another student in the background.)
Colin is pouting by our feet.
The black sugar on his face means he's one of the few who got a sugar cookie. Such a tough guy.
It rained all day today. My trees are starting to blossom and from this far away you can't see all the fry sauce Bridget spilled on her dress after the recital. She played "Singin' in the Rain" for her solo. Very apropos.


melissa said...

I'm totally cheering for all of this! Yay, Bridget! My kids are super serious at their school concerts, too. What's that about? I LOVE your music trophies! And your bossypants/bored little boys. And your pretty yard. And you.

Jill said...

You always do such a good job with you piano recital. I love that Kodi is taking piano now. Cute little besties they are!