Monday, April 21, 2014

Celebrating Easter

One of the traditions in Brian's family is to go Out West to the sand dunes the Saturday before Easter. The weather is rarely just right for it, but we got lucky this year (we accept that wind is part of going Out West - always wind). We had dark gray clouds spit a few drops at us as they went by, but otherwise it was nice. 
I think this was the first photo I took on Saturday, so I'll start here. Janessa and Brighton - Brighton is watching people come and go on four-wheelers and she doesn't look into that. Janessa had a boot on one foot (torn ligaments) and a flip flop on the other. Her mother, Dena, was also wearing open-toed shoes. What?!
Bridget and Abby were together the whole afternoon. They dug in the sand, then Abby drove them around the dunes on a four-wheeler slowly. Cousins!
The kids roasted hot dogs. Emil and Colin fit that in between using the little potty we brought for them. Brian was doing the cooking, so I took care of all the potty breaks. There were ten of them, but who is counting? Me. I counted. Potty training is messing with my mind. It's all I think about. I saw Emil with a juice box and I almost started to cry. Colin had two accidents (we brought two changes of clothes). The second one was all the way to his socks, so that was our cue to leave. But I'm getting ahead of myself!
The hot dogs are cooked and Brian is helping the kids get them fixed up. Colin presented his hot dog to Brian, watched as he put it in a bun and put ketchup and mustard on it, then yelled, "YUCKY!!" when Brian handed it to him on a plate. Hahahahaha! Colin wouldn't even go on until that hot dog was off his plate. (Also, that might be the last shot of Darin before he rolled one of the four-wheelers and broke some ribs and made a little puncture in one of his lungs. Dena was able to get him to the hospital quickly and he's home now.)
Emil wanted a ride! He was trying not to smile in the first two versions of this photo, but I think it was hurting not to.
The more subdued children. 
Let's just say I was like white on rice with this kid all afternoon. I think I cramped his style, but the joke's on me because wondering if his pants are wet all the time is cramping my style.
Aiden's parents made super sure he had plenty of sunscreen - that's how his hair got spiked. There's another thing you never thought could occupy so much of your brain before you're responsible for a child.
The Easter Bunny came and hid eggs in the sage brush, so we had to hunt those eggs. (Left to right: Grandma, Kalvin, Colin, Jed, Brighton, Jake, McKade, Brian, Emil, Nate, Grandpa, Bridget, Abby, Nick, Linzy, and Aiden.)
Colin was the only kid who freaked out every time he found an egg. He was so excited! It was adorable.
Emil probably just wanted to get back to riding the Razr.
Cute Bridget figured some stuff out earlier this month. "But Santa is real." :)
Grandpa was Nate's hunting partner. I think they were pretty successful.
It doesn't seem like that long ago that Brian and I were watching the older kids run around the desert in search of eggs. Kind of surreal to see them holding the little ones now.
This is what Colin did when I asked him if he could see any more eggs. He is so cute! He peed his pants a few seconds later, but I had this photo to remind me that he is the cutest.
Nate's parents couldn't come, so he got away with eating more candy than he probably should have. Sorry about that, Hal and Debbie.
Not many things cuter than a seven year-old with freckles.

In all the hub-bub we almost forgot to sing Happy Birthday to Nick, Linzy, and Aiden. Everyone in their family has a birthday in April. Fancy that! We ate yummy chocolate cake, thanks to Diana, and went on some more rides. Then Colin wet his pants again, this time all the way to the socks. Time to go.
We colored some eggs after everyone had taken a bath. Fun!

Easter Sunday was pretty relaxing. The kids found their baskets (candy and fun Lego sets for all three of them, plus puzzles for the boys and a Utah snow globe for Bridget) and played while I made cinnamon rolls. We ended up eating brunch instead of breakfast, but let me tell you something - those cinnamon rolls were worth it. (Anyone who has the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook, try their recipe for sweet bread and the cinnamon rolls. Although, I need to know when you're supposed to make these and have them for actual breakfast. Am I supposed to wake up at 5 and start cooking? Come on!)
 Colin wants to do this puzzle all the time. He barely needs my help anymore.
Emil's Duplo set was a construction site and Colin's was Dusty Crophopper with a refueling truck.
Bridget's set is a calendar.
Isn't that the coolest?!
Colin was the first one to follow me when I called for the kids to come outside for pictures. This sneeze illustrates Spring for me.
I had the camera on the wrong aperture - it was still set for inside. I got too excited that they were standing there looking my direction that I forgot everything else.
Then I told them to dance for me. Why were they doing everything I asked for that 3 minute period? Did I waste my power? No, if I had it to do over, I'd still command them to dance.
We had lovely meetings at church. Emil and Colin got to sing with the Primary in Sacrament Meeting for the first time. I was playing the piano behind them, so I didn't get to see their faces. I accompanied a violin and viola duet that gave me the thrill chills, which is always fun. (And since it's always on my mind, Colin didn't have an accident his first time at church in big boy pants!)
We finished the day playing games from Grandma Peggy via the Easter Bunny. Colin rocked at this game, even though Emil looks like he's celebrating. Emil didn't rock at the matching. Thanks to everyone who made Easter 2014 a success!

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