Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Break

Even though Emil was in training, we had a pretty exhausting Spring Break. The first day was mostly uneventful, but we did try something I saw on Pinterest. (Now that I have the Pinterest app on my Kindle, it's becoming more of an addiction.)
That took three minutes. What about the rest of the daylight hours, Pinterest? What about THAT? So we drew a hopscotch board, played on the trampoline, fisticuffs (always)...
Oh, and this was my idea. If only I knew how to do anything on Photoshop. And if I had Photoshop. 
Colin likes to draw balloons with the sidewalk chalk lately. He was the only one who looked like he might be floating.

On Wednesday Daddy took the kids to the park to play with his parents. Emil came home in a diaper after going through two changes of clothes I sent with them. (That's right. I didn't go with them. I ate a lovely lunch on a patio in perfect weather, reading my book.) He's not ready for three juice boxes and being at a park where he needs to run far for a restroom. Noted.

Thursday Daddy came home for half the day again and we all went to lunch and then bowling. There were a few moments of high adventure running Emil to a potty, but he never had an accident and we all had fun.

On Friday Brian took the whole day off and we rode the train to Salt Lake. It was Emil's reward for completing his training.
We went from Frontrunner to Trax and then to Temple Square. The weather was PERFECT and I'd taken a Zyrtec, so it was pretty much a perfect day. 
We headed for the South Visitors' Center first to use the restroom and see the coolest thing ever - a replica of the temple that shows what it looks like on the inside. Amazing.
It's the Celestial Room! I've been in it - even the couches are right. And look at the tiny floral arrangement in the middle. I have fond memories of waiting in this room for Elder Richard Hinckley to come get us for our sealing with Bridget. 
We ate lunch at the Lion House in the outdoor courtyard behind the house. This was my absolute favorite place to eat with Angie back when I worked at the COB. Dappled shade, pretty white tables, fresh (mostly) air. Ahhh. (We packed a lunch for the boys because Colin rarely eats the kid food at restaurants. He wants his peanut butter and honey sandwich. He actually has a name for that sandwich, "Lunch.") The boys had their sandwiches and a little bowl of fruit while the rest of us enjoyed real food.
And now begins my adventures in trying to get a photo of all three of my beautiful children looking at the camera at the same time. (I wondered many times on Friday why I didn't talk Bridget into wearing pants without holes. I'd already made my self-imposed limit of one suggestion on her outfit. I only use it when she puts on something truly crazy.)
Ohhhh - so close.
A lovely, shady spot right outside the Administration Building. Colin went under the little chain fence to check things out and to be out-of-reach. Brian warned him that President Monson could see him. Ha!
Look at Colin's face! He is the cutest. At the Lion House he started doing a robot dance on the little grassy lawn. Hilarious. (Of course we used the restroom at the Lion House, btw.)
We waited in line to get these photos. I don't even know what is going on with the last one. Did Emil think they'd stand on his back and make a tower? Probably.
There was a break in the bridal parties when we got back to the temple, so we had a chance to see the doors up close.
Sorry for the seasick view. They were moving so fast, I had to take what I could get.
After this it was back to the South Visitors' Center for some bathroom adventures. No need for a lot of detail here, but I will say that I found myself picking up a small nugget that rolled under the bathroom stall door and we lost some McQueen underpants in the battle. It could have been worse. Other than that, Emil had a perfect game. :) Off to the museum!
Fishing from Nephi's boat! We really should have come here first, but we came here last and only had a few minutes before we had to get back to Trax and catch our Frontrunner train home.
They have lots of fun luggage statues at that station. No photos on the train home because I was busy finding a restroom with Emil. It was in another car of the train and when we finally found it there was a large human sitting right in front of the door and she was wearing headphones. Who sits in front of the bathroom of a train? Duh. When we'd finished in there, Emil took off running in the opposite direction of our train car. Love chasing a three-year-old in a crowded, moving train. We made it home in one piece and Brian and I didn't die. Success!

On Saturday we got to spend most of the day with Grandpa Bob and Grandma Peggy. 
The kids got to eat out AGAIN for lunch (this time at The Wild Zucchini - the Italian version of Cafe Rio) and play at the park. Thank goodness everyone needed a nap, because I was dead on my feet by the time lunch was over. Grandpa jumped on the trampoline with the kids and Grandma brought a bunch of rubber bands. ("It's for the kids!") Really, though, Grandma and Bridget made some very cool bracelets. :)

Pretty exciting week for not going very far. As Colin and Emil like to say, "FUN!"

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melissa said...

Oh! How you make me laugh! Such pretty pictures and fun times. You're brave to venture out with a boy in training. I LOVE that picture of Dad on the trampoline and I LOVE that Mom brought a million tiny rubberbands into your house.