Thursday, May 29, 2014


This year Bridget's class danced to the Minions version of Y.M.C.A. for the dance festival. I put it on my iPod so she could practice at home. She had a couple of her friends over during the three months (ha! I exaggerate) they practiced it and as soon as that song came on, Bridget and her friends would stop talking/walking/playing and DANCE. They would be easy prey for a hypnotist. 
A little background - Bridget puked her guts up all night Monday. About every 90 minutes I'd hear her whimper and I'd pop out of bed like a shot (per my training at Ninja Mom Academy) and run to her room to hold the bucket under her chin. (Children with the pukes have no decision-making skills. Mine like to walk or run while they're puking so that I will have to clean up EVERYTHING. I've changed tactics.) She missed two days of school during the last week of school. That is the absolute worst time to miss school if you like to party. 
Brian and I tried to defeat the demon that is The Grade School Dance Festival and I drove separately an hour earlier to get us a seat. This is the view I had of Bridget. I don't think I could have been farther away from her if I was trying. You win again, Dance Festival.
The boys were not impressed with any of this. Again. We only brought two chairs because the boys NEVER sit and I set them up before Brian got there with Emil and Colin. Colin demanded, "Where MY seat?" 
That's Mo with his face buried next to me on my chair. He did a lot of this. And loud whining. The people next to us were very sorry about the seats they chose. 
Ha! Can you see the kid with the Minion glasses covering his eyes? 

We came home, ate lunch, then took Emil back to school. Then Bridget, Colin and I came back to watch the preschool perform a few songs.
Emil is pointing at Bridget and Colin sitting in the crowd. Colin was not allowed to sit with the preschool class, which made him The Most Pathetic Boy Ever. After the program, the boys ran all over the school in opposite directions and I yelled after them to stop running. Also known as The Story of My Life. For the love.

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Kristi said...

We should have switched spots at the preschool program. I was closer to Emil and you were closer to Henry. I had to sit awkwardly close to Random Large Lady who chose to sit alone at the end of the row with no easy access to the other chairs. Thank you.