Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bridget is EIGHT!!

Bridget is eight years old. I still can't believe it! We had an appropriately epic day to celebrate her. Brian came home early and Bridget could finally open presents in the backyard. (We told her it was for better light for the pictures.)
Sparkly shoes to go with her baptism dress. And her personality. :)
A Mandy doll and trunk Bridget and I found at an "antique" store a few months ago. I had one just like this when I was young. When I told Bridget that she said, "Maybe it is yours."
I get this look a lot. Probably because I say "wouldn't you like to know?" too much. We're all wearing swimsuits because one of Bridget's requests for her birthday was to go swimming at the outdoor pool as a family. With the boys.
Little Women from Grandma Peggy.
No peeking for the grand finale gift...
A new bike! She can shift gears now. :)

We went to the pool and had a perfect time. The boys took turns going down the big slide with me (Brian doesn't "slide" down the big slide at the pool - he has to push his way down, squeaking the whole way) while Bridget, Daddy, and either Emil or Colin played in the water. On one of Emil's turns, he claimed he wanted to go down the tube slide alone. We stood in the tube slide for a while (I spent a lot of time standing in lines yesterday) and it was finally his turn. He sat down at the top, looked back at me and smiled, looked down the dark tube, looked back at me and said, "Nope." The lifeguard let us go next on the open slide and a grouchy girl said to me, "I think you butted us." That is my favorite thing anyone has ever said to me. I was transported back to second grade instantly. I think I went down that slide at least a dozen times. I feel good about my efforts. :) On the last turn for both boys, each of them asked me if we could eat lunch and take naps. Yeah, we blew right through nap time.

Rather than take two tired and grumpy boys out to dinner, Bridget opted for Chinese food as a family without the boys. Good choice.
And then some Baskin Robbins...
It happened. Bridget is eight now. Now I envy the summer birthday even more. :)


Mr and Mrs C said...

I think Bridget is so sweet and beautiful!! Makes me want to be eight again! Happy day for you all.

melissa said...

Awesome! Super fun presents! I love that picture of the two of you. Just a couple of girls gabbin'.